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  1. remember the good old days
  2. sign me up, 2 things i still have a crap work schedule so I might not make alot races also I haven't been on HT in a while so what is "Donglowing"
  3. hmmm never had that legendary problem, it's probably a bug that happens every once in a while
  4. nvm take me off work schedule changed
  5. i was gonig to sign up but WISKEYS in it so I was like naaahhhhh, i don't want to make him cry lol, sign me up though
  6. sign me up for backup, i have plans with friends to see that jackass grandpa movie that day but I'm not sure when we will do it so i might make it
  7. sign me up ( I might be appearing offline )
  8. sign me up senor
  9. i went to the bathroom and the lobby filled up so i missed it lol i should of held it
  10. well look at that, sign me up lol
  11. I get out of work at 7 so if your willing to give me last for first race i should be able to get on before 7:20ish.
  12. sing me up also the person who made these tracks is gay