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  1. I wonder if anyone remembers me

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    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Wowwww ORRRRRDIIINAAAARRYYY. He lag flipped me.

      We remember.

    3. PurpleDinosaur
    4. Ordinaryy


      Hahaha I missed you guys! And YESSS PURPLEE revival of HT Halo Wars :D

  2. Hi.

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    2. The Aviator13
    3. Le Hefe
    4. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      I hope no one sees this...

      I'm secretly a pirate fighting gorilla panda.

  3. Damn you purpledinosaur0! Oh well lock the topic then.
  4. Watch in full screen in 1080p HD and you will have sex with that trailer. Watch intense 64-player vehicle warfare -- including jets -- from our beautiful Battlefield 3 multiplayer map Caspian Border! This marks the premier of jet gameplay as played at GamesCom 2011. Caspian Border is a multi-faceted, vehicle heavy map that exemplifies classic Battlefield gameplay.
  5. Ego pimpin' it out with his wiener. Rockin' it old school homie. What could I say, he's a beast yo.
    1. DemolitionTurtle


      You got a kill well done! You got 21 deaths as well but oh well

    2. Ordinaryy


      The other team wasn't nice.... Like really? Three Inheritors, one Reclaimer, and two Forerunners? Not fun at all. The worst part was that they were a clan so it was extra spanking.

  6. You and your banning skillz.
  7. I got myself a steak! But i'm too lazy to find the game because I played like 200 games yesterday.
  8. ATTENTION If Bill S.978 gets passed, all copyrighted material will be removed/blocked from the internet (including gameplay/commentaries and livestreams), UNLESS the person who posted the material have a special permission. If you DONT have the permission, the consequences for this will be either civil fines on thousands of dollars or jail. TO STOP THIS, go to google and search for "Bill S.978", select the first option, create an account and click "I Oppose this Bill" SPREAD THE WORD
  9. Holy cat rapists. I have't been on this site in like 5 years.

  10. I think we should all download the Cyrisis 2 Demo just because it's pro.

  11. can i still sign up? if so, then sign my a** up!