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    new gt is K1ler ABCs and my clan name is lol or i might change it to IoL anyways im a map maker and a tester feel free to add me to test out ur maps
  1. im a map maker and a tester and if u want me test ur maps feel free to add me by K1ller ABCs

  2. was up motox its K1ller ABCs and sign up for todays challenge bc im in it ad we need 5 more people

  3. new gt is K1ller ABCs and my clan is LOL short for Legend of LEGENDS

    1. xKiLL ZoNEx

      xKiLL ZoNEx

      I think your clan should be called Inheriter of Legends. Just an idea.

  4. hey im a racetrack maker and i signed up for this tournament 1st one yet and i wanted to send u a friend reguest on Xbox box live my new gt is K1ler ABCs

  5. i just wanted to see if anybody likes elites and their helmets.
  6. my first three r EOD,Rouge,and Recon