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  1. Ha the B.O.O.B.S one makes sense lol. Woops sorry about the font
  2. I'll look into some of them, Thanks.
  3. CaLL Me IFuRY
  4. Yo sign me up..You can 1v1 anytime, my TV recently broke but i'm getting a new one just message me ASAP. I have a friend that may wanna join to his name is HT Shades he's my friend IRL. He has a 50 and had a 45 in MLG. Mines low but I just made an account recently only has 16 but I can get to 40+ with friends, I know all the call outs and respawns.
  5. Sign me up I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh don't want to get to down to detail but I do live in Pa.
  6. Awesome map love the hill and turns, can't wait to race it in my Tourney.
  7. Yeah man you should definetly do that, challenges are one of my favorite things about Halo. Especially Obstacles like the one C u l8r made. Also I don't understand why it says I have 26 posts now...will be 27 but only 18 on my profile page..
  8. Awesome map!! You make a ton good job...Love the outside wall boundries, very creative!!
  9. Definetly put me down..I'm very active and can be online alot..(almost have 20 posts in 1 day only 12hours through ) Looking forward to this!!
  10. Great clips was wondering how you did that in maps...I wish people would make more competitive maps.
  11. I would if I could, love making maps especially with people, sorry.
  12. I've never heard of "raceway" but what do I know, you may be right.
  13. Insane map love the effects, especially the volcano!
  14. I'd love to join grifball is my 2nd favorite gametype behind MLG, and I try to get over 300 exp every double exp. So far none on this account but a ton on my other.