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  1. Very nice job..liked the editing and the video can't wait to get started.
  2. Can you make an awesome word sig? Text: Legible but fancy like street soul. Colors black and red. Background: Something that flows well with the sig and red and black. Match it please and make the colors go well together. Effects: Make the effects cool maybe have it fade or something like what Fleck had done with his Sotw entry. Thanks a bunch man!
  3. Yeah alright get out of this Topic if your just gonna dis it. It's a squad that does everything so STFU.
  4. Alright man no big deal, just trying to help out .
  5. Hey man is the track good enough for the squad?
  6. Dang man very nice editing, great track and I was fortunate to be in it .
  7. Well done man the mix of colors go well together.
  8. Not your best, but it's great. Who's Alicia? Is it Alicia Keys?
  9. How do you keep up with percentages? Are you amazing at math or something!
  10. HT Mafia Leaderboard Tournament #1 "Choose Your Map" In 1st - HT Sensation - 78 Points In 2nd - xDeathlordx - 62 Points In 3rd - Cheifdelta - 62 Points In 4th - TJmax - 62 Points In 5th - Motokid - 52 Points In 6th - ix Ske7ch ix - 19 Points DNF Tournament #2 "Hardcore Only" In 1st - HT Sensation - 78 Points In 2nd - ix Ske7ch ix - 75 Points In 3rd - King Edward I - 63 Points In 4th - xDeathlordx - 63 Points In 5th - Monkeytanner - 56 Points In 6th - Cheifdelta - 56 Points In 7th - Ordinaryy - 56 Points In 8th - Masta Blastr - 54 Points
  11. Went well other than a couple of people not showing up. We had alot of fun and alot of bizarre things happened, well done guys! 10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+8+10 = 78 points HT Sensation 9+5+5+8+9+9+10+7 = 62 points Deathlord 6+9+7+7+7+8+9+9 = 62 points Cheifdelta 8+6+9+9+8+7+7+8 = 62 points TJ Max 7+7+8+6+6+6+6+6 = 52 points Moto Kid 5+8+6+0+0+0+0+0 = 19 Points Ske7ch We will do a one race playoff tomarrow! Good Job Everyone! [pbracket] [color=#9932CC 1st[/color]]HT Sensation 78 [color=#00FF00 2nd[/color]]xDeathlordx 62 [color=#0000FF 2nd[/color]]Cheifdelta 62 [color=#FF0000 2nd[/color]]TJ Max 62 [color=#FFA500 5th[/color]]Motokid 52 [color=#A0522D 6th[/color]]ix Ske7ch ix 19 7th 0 8th NaN [/pbracket]
  12. Well I had Bears make one and I think were only doing 1st place ones since it's a squad..most don't even give them out. All nitro does is 1st place also..
  13. Agreed with Breezie that's an awesome sig. If you got the light source working it would be amazing.
  14. That's a sweet idea wish I could do race it.
  15. Yeah I'm making a montage of my MLG gameplay...I got my 50 yesterday.
  16. Thank you very much Smm and yeah TJ before tourney #2 we'll do a race to decide 2nd .
  17. HT Mafia Tournament #1 Hey guys this is the first of many, to start the squad off I thought of making a tourney where you pick the maps!! Please state the map you wish to race on during the tournament. Userbars will be made by Dropsnap and bragging rights going into the 2nd Week! Message me through PM, XBL, but I'd prefer if you'd do it in this topic. Thursday, November 19th 7:00 Eastern 6:00 Central 5:00 Mountain 4:00 Western Please show up on time, I'll invite 30 minutes before start time and will not wait for late arrivals. Rules Start on second destination, unless spawns are messed up. No Intentional wrecking. If you get lag flipped or sheild door checked, please don't complain. No driving backwards on the track. Don't shoot other drivers when waiting for a mongoose. No walking the track and stay on your mongoose at all times. Racers 1.)ViRuS is KluTcH 2.)xDeathlordx 3.)OcR Shooter 4.)Sanemaniac 5.)TJmax 6.)Dropsnap 7.)Nugget 8.)Cheifdelta Maps 1.) Plasma Vortex 2.) Desert Wave 3.) Aces High 4.) Interpol 5.) Twisted Circuit 6.) Cryptcross 7.) HC Slipstream 8.) Cyprus 1.) Onslaught 2.) 3.) 4.) Overflow 1.) King Edward 2.) 3.) 4.) Rewards for the tournament will be userbars and another victory towards your name!!
  18. I can't change it sorry, we can use HC though.
  19. Nice currently my K/D is 1.58 I have to rent it again, gonna buy it soon though .
  20. Yeah man I was sick and my mom took my controller to work so I couldn't play XBOX!!

  21. Yeah man go to "Non-Mapmakers" and go down to "J-Reb Rally..not a good Tournament track. If he doesn't choose one I'll chose a harcore one probably Backlash.
  22. Hey man could you make me a word sig? I want it to say HT MAFIA Could you please go to my "About Me" page and look at the HT NITRO sig and please make the one I want exactly like it. Have the same font as it and same size please. The HT part the same color, except I want MAFIA in red and black. "M" red "A" Black "F" red "I" Black "A" red That's about it thanks unless you could do a cool arrow design like the one in NITRO. If you'd like you can be in MAFIA.!! Edit: Oh nevermind I have 650 posts lol, guess I'll find someone else.
  23. I'm gonna get him banned for the message he sent me. Don't worry.

  24. Awesome man, quit eating and get out on that bike next time lol. I'm more of a BMX rider, rockin the FOX!
  25. Yeah I also saw a guest..but good job Altair!