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  1. Wow is he insane, how could you possibly do that when driving such a rare and amazing car!
  2. Members!! 1.) HT Sensation 2.) ix Ske7ch ix 3.) x Deathlord x 4.) TJ Max 5.) Ordinarry 6.) DJ Got Skillz 7.) Cheifdelta 8.) Masta Payps 9.) I Nugget I 2K9 10.) Shellytindin 11.) Dropsnap 12.) Scataract 13.) Motokid 14.) King Edwards Message me if you want to be in, we may need members deppending on the amount of signups. This will be an awesome sqaud. We will be racing demo, harcore, terrain, rollercoaster, rocket tracks, and normal racing. There will be different userbars for every squad tournament, with different color combinations. In order to be in races you have to sign up no asking others to sign you up. It'll keep people active. After two times it'll be a 5 point deduction 4th it's 10 and 5+ you'r not in sorry. If I can buy it at the time, for the finals there may be MS Points! There will be 25 tournaments before each finals. I'm going to need hosts for this squad, but just three. I won't be able to host every tournament, but I'm sure I'll be in them all . If you'd like to be a host, please post at the bottom of this topic and I'll choose three of you. You've had to of hosted atleast two tournaments before you can host HT Mafia Squad Tourneys. Thanks for reading! HT Sensation
  3. The way we do the hosting process may be a bit confusing so I'll introduce it to you right now. How this will go down HT Sensation - #1 Deathlord - #2 HT Sensation - #3 TJmax - #4 HT Sensation - #5 ix Ske7ch xi - #6 Hope this makes it clear to you, this is not the actually hosts (other than Deathlord) but if you'd like to be one please post or are wanting to be in the squad. Thank you, HT Sensation!
  4. Off Topic: What's a forum ninja and I'm I glad to be in the squad.
  5. Wow dude that's hilarious, he needs to chill out.
  6. Nah man I'm in you and Pappys are great leaders and this squad will be a blast!
  7. Honestly thank you Bandit, Pyro said that mine would fail but evidently it hasn't.
  8. Actually Recon that sounds like a great idea! Bandit and I could do that until I'm able to rent of buy the game.
  9. Wish I could be in it I'm amazing at that game, but I had just rented it. If I could I'll be in it as I may be renting it again or buying it. My K/D is only 1.70 so I'm not too good but sign me up if I can!
  10. Oh alright man I'm looking forward to the finishing of it .
  11. Looks pretty good, but what's with all the random walls underneath the merged turn? Also is there a finish line or is it just one track??
  12. Amazing work Whiskey, congradulations!!
  13. You should ask which one Bears uses his are the best in my opinion.
  14. Alright Deathlord when we do the tournament could you put the map on your fileshare?
  15. Do you have that map? I've never heard of it..
  16. Really Nugget don't you look at the topic, someone has choosen that one aslo. Read before you type.
  17. It's already choosen please pick a different one.
  18. Yes do that man! I'll get more userbars I destroy in MW2 and have a nasty Dropshot.
  19. Alright yeah man I'll do that.
  20. And Justice For All
  21. Hello all it's ViRuS is KLuTcH and I recently finished my first complete map!! (I'm working on another atm.) Could you please reply on how well you like it or don't. Thank you very much here is the DL Link This is also a two part topic! Could someone please make me an awesome sig that I can display for along time (has to be good ) If you make the best from what I've seen and what I'm looking for I'll have Baller (if he can) make you a userbar saying Pro Sig Maker. Something like that, it can have your word choice. Here is what I'm looking for in my Sig!! In awesome font! HT Sensation on the very top and center of the sig. In the bottom left corner (In the same font) Gamebattles 09' Team ViRuS. In the bottom right corner have HT Mafia Leader...BTW please sign up For the sig itself make a spartan with recon armor charging with a BR, the effects in the background like cassel's please..something like that it looks cool. Close to that (maybe merged if your a best sig maker) please have a mongoose driving a track..any as long as it looks cool. For the background color please make it red and white no fades of the color please..All font black unless you could make something that goes well with it. I know this is alot to manage but it would mean the world for me. If you'd like I'll put you in all my tournaments without a sign-up HT Firestorm members you make alot of awesome sigs and if you could please work on mine if you have time!!
  22. Ouch man that sucks, I had that same Error about 2 months back.
  23. Wow dude love what you did with the way you displayed the maps, great job.
  24. What about HT Motocross, it's the same thing as this? Unless he ended his squad you totally jacked his idea.