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  1. Im annoyed because I cant go on the xbox because my mums on it! Why did I ever ask her to play WHY!!!

    1. xKiLL ZoNEx

      xKiLL ZoNEx

      my parents wont even pick up the controller

  2. Sweet update! Congratz to Vaccarelli! When you send a message to KATANCIK does it have to be a link to FS or rendered video??? Cause I dont have bungie pro so that could be a problem..
  3. ^^^you forgot the land of the old bogies! I also live in England but in Nottinghamshire, not far from Jaymz.
  4. Same I don't like the white, its annoying when I pull up the xbox guide because I have to close my eyes temporarily because its blinded me! I haven't noticed any bugs and other then that I like it. But I haven't actually noticed any changes other than the colour scheme.
  5. Ive got the funk too

  6. Ice the only thing this has achieved is more people joining the funk, and one person joining you, I don't think you have much chance against the immaturity of the funk!
  7. How do you change your name? I might join in the funk!
  8. yes master :p I had to go so I just answered quickly

  9. Its my Birthday today! WOOP!

  10. Its ok, we all learn! Welcome to HT!

  11. sorry im new here and i got the post wrong.... :(

  12. Feeling better after being sent home because I threw up and nearly fainted at school. :/

  13. Sorry the link below just completly failed :p! Just copy and paste it into your search bar up there and it should work, any problems... poor you!

  14. Hey! Whats up nub! Took your time making an account! If you need any help navigating this website (it can get a bit confusing) just go to this link and it will take you to the new members forum, it has lots of guides and shows you what you can do on this site. Have fun and I hope you figure it out! Link:

  15. your banned for not realising I have it in a different way, you have it as a separate part of text whereas I have it in my userbars and my sig