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  1. has battletracks been implemented into halo 2 anniversary yet? Sorry if this sounds crazy or something it's just I've been away from the race community for quite some time.

    1. Offrce


      Yeah there has been a gametype and one or two tracks created for it. Unfortunately, it is only stable with about 8 players. Any more will usually crash the game and kick everyone out.

  2. I'm choosing adrian peterson because that's what I chose for my first pick so i'm sticking to it haha
  3. eeehh its whatever, this is my nickname anyways so its a better fit

  4. Shoulda stuck with it man lol

  5. I already got myself an xbox one, and i already pre-ordered MCC so there's no doubt i'll be playing that non-stop when it comes out.
  6. Digging the deep blue concept. I highly doubt i'd join in on the contest (we'll see i suppose) but i think people could come up with a lot of cool ideas with it.
  7. Account name meaning my gt

  8. Of course this is super bad skittles!! who else would it be?! Haha i changed it to my account name cause you know... puberty happened lol. What's up man?

  9. Holy shit is this Super bad skittles?

  10. btw i know the anticipation is heating up but dont worry guys, I'm hoping to finish a map sometime soon on halo 4... we'll see

  11. there should be a halotracks app just sayin... jeff get on that

  12. I dont agree.
  13. resource

    I like it a lot. Good work.
  14. I would watch it.
  15. I wud like to join.