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  1. If you're free tomorrow, 11/11/17, sign up for my halo 3 demo tournament! still need more sign ups.

  2. So I have some time to finish the icons then huh?
  3. So according to this post, the hype train left the station on 6/4/16 at 9:30am traveling at the speed of the internet. The real question is when will it arrive?
  4. I agree. As far as the maps go, I was mostly referring to the custom creations by the community. I've seen some screenshots and they look really awesome with the implementation of changing materials of objects.
  5. So the memories of reach update has been out for a while and I haven't seen any discussion on what people thought about it. Personally, I don't like infection, but there are a few cool things about it like different map variants and cool armor that I enjoy, but infection has been a huge part of the halo community for the longest time and that has to have a lasting impact on Halo 5. I however think that this update, although free, had a lot of missed opportunities. I think mainly the opportunity to put in a falcon in warzone instead of another phaeton. It's kind of weird getting excited about updates that add basic funtionality that honestly should have been implemented if not at launch, at least a few weeks/months into the game release. ie game medals visible in the post game stats. Overall, I am a fan of all the small improvements made, especially changing materials in forge and adding more effects and forge pieces to our forge pallet. I'm preaching to the choir here but honestly how could they not have added race or some type of game type to make it? ugh... so discuss. What do you think? pros and cons?
  6. That sucks to see you stepping down, but I totally understand your method of thinking. I've been there too. All you can really do is ask yourself if you truly enjoy what you're doing. I firmly believe you are one of the more qualified members to be HMM, but in the end its your decision. I hope you continue to be present around here especially with 5.0 right around the corner.
  7. Welcome back sort of UltimaNylocke. I look forward to some cool maps from you in the future. To answer your questions,req packs are mostly used in warzone, but some do have daily packs that throw in boosts for arena and some for assisting and winning matches. A more detailed breakdown can be found here. So how has HaloTracks been? Well we are working on a huge update called HT 5.0 ant it will be awesome. I know because we have a friggin emoji. see? Thats how you know you've made it lol. In all seriousness, we would love more people to make tracks, host tournaments and make new friends around here. Halo 5 has a difficult learning curve at first, but it gets easier after about a week; especially if you've forged before. Finally about the non-map makers section, we abolished it like smoking in bars. We gave it the whole "It's not you it's me speech." Our fearless leaderLe Hefe made a video explaining why we did it. Check it out
  8. I like everything but the dubstep vid at the end. I particularly enjoyed the disclaimer that "rcing" was not a typo. #TheMoreYouKnow
  9. I have been talking with rattlesnakeray and spikedog about getting together and making some demo maps when MCC comes out. I can assure you there will be demo!
  10. Hey HT, A while ago Google was offering to make a custom 3D printed "bracelet" so I decided to jump on the opportunity and order one. It turned out a bit small, but it's still cool. I present to you, the official first HaloTracks...thing...Neat huh?
  11. True things Edward. I would agree tred, even if you're not actively forging, still browse on the forums and keep connected to the people here. You never know when one of those connections could help you out some day. I know we don't really talk much or play xbox together, but you're still part of HT and for some reason that dosent seem to go away. I think the fact that HT is still around and forgehub isn't is amazing; even when we were grossly outnumbered we still stayed connected. All in all, youre a cool dude and should stick around! -totes P.S. But seriously. I can always use a +1 when I host demo tourneys.
  12. That right there lol...
  13. thanks to all who showed up and filled in for the demo tourney!

  14. How do you think you'll react?