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  1. is wrong with
  2. a smaller penis
  3. i win
  4. bangledash
  5. geniuses have rusty spokes to wipe for big vicious snot balls of plasma leaking around bloody balls owned figure this one out rsdjakgsyfturdtuigyidfykfyufu
  6. on a pallet
  7. how is this racetrack that hard that you cant do it. if you want hard ill give you three words TORTURE TEST GOD!
  8. i was just wondering cause i like having a picture without one its like im missing something jk
  9. so we have our own wikipedia?! that owns
  10. has anyone else noticed that corperals dont have one? or atleast the 2 corperals ive seen dont
  11. theres no video so why is this here?
  12. it stands for for funks sake
  13. while they screamed
  14. these forums are better more organized and we have our own acronym UTF USE THESE FORUMS!!!
  15. all jews kill nukes vjsk