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    I like Halo 3(mostly racetracks), football, baseball and just havin fun!!!!!
  1. Happy Birthday Nick!d

  2. Hey everyone, I was just wondering whatever happened to the halotracks arcade? I've been a halotracks member for a long time and today I just got reminded of it because I went on and they had one so I was wondering whatever happened to this one? I used to enjoy playing all those mini-games every now and then. I think it would be a good idea to bring it back because with the new point system you can give the people with the top scores points. So comment what you think about the bringing the arcade section back to halotracks and if enough people say they want it back why wouldnt they bring it back. MC Nick05
  3. lol i have been a member almost since the start but i never really went into tournaments until like 4 months ago so ya
  4. wow i didnt expect this much people to post stuff COOL also i heard that they are making these kind of mic things that u can put around the map so when u walk or drive by it u can hear what u said into it
  5. I was just wondering what people are expecting or what they want to see in Halo: Reach. I was really just hoping that they keep the same forge glitches like saving and ending or ghost merging because if not then their wont be any good maps for a while. So post what you want to see and stuff.
  6. sketch what is ur youtube channel again?

  7. Hey I kind of know how to forge but I just need more easier and efficent ways for forge so here's the info. Gamertag:MC Nick05 Day and Time:Febuary 4th at 6:30 p.m Timezone:Eastern What is needed to be taught:Hills, bordering and scenery Teacher:SpEcTaCuLar Ra
  8. hey sign me up on any team
  9. Congrats on MapMaker Nick. :]

  10. Congratz on Map Maker!

  11. that was lol
  12. is making a racetrack. Kind of.

  13. is making a racetrack. Kind of.

  14. is making a racetrack. Kind of.

  15. is making a racetrack. Kind of.