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"Hello neighbors, it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood! Let me just take off my shoes and coat and I'll be right with you....................What's up Halotracks. Ah I miss the good old days of halo 3, got three 45 accounts and a 46, made over 20 good racetracks(probably forged a total of like 50+ maps good/bad.) I'm a 16 year old kid, and just like all of you I have friends, a job(doing blam!-work at a deli), a life(school, sports, events), just recently got my permit, and I love Halo 3 and Halo Reach. I love forging, and I am very good at it. I'm glad with reach I've been able to become pretty popular, but I do miss the traditional forging in Halo 3 which took some skill. I'm not a fan of school, however I go, try hard, and get pretty good grades becuase there's no future in the virtual reality of video games, as much as I'd love to move to my own beach house in forge world with some hot nerdy chick. I'm a total nerd, into Halo, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, and other nerdy stuff but if you knew me you really wouldn't guess it, becuase I don't act nerdy at all. I think the 5 tallest glasses of men are #5 Stone Philips, #4 Jerry Butler, #3 Chris Hansen, #2 Bob Ross, and of course #1 Clint Eastwood! Mr. Rogers isn't too far behind, seeing as he was in the marines and has tattoos. If you've read this far you are either my friend, a fan, or are really bored so I'll let you go. I hope you like my maps, for they will keep coming and coming and coming, the way mexicans do when getting out of a car. Gotta love stereotypes man. Well I'll save the end for spam, so please go check out my two youtube channels: Aaron2779, and ProForgeRacing(PFR) which is bordering 1,000 subscribers! Have a wonderful day, neighbor! =D Oh, and if I ever become a pornstar(so very unlikely, but who knows, I'm sexy) my name is going to be SIr Cumference (circumference). Get it? Ahhh of course you do!"

This was written so long ago lol. -CoookkieMonster 04/08/15