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  1. It's been more than 4 years since my last visit. How has everyone been?

    1. ducain23


      Well I didn't reply in the chat thing, but just wanted to say I've recently been playing a lot of your maps again since the MCC Reach Custom Game Browser was released. So much fun!

      Hope you make time to create tracks in Infinite when it releases :)

  2. Official "Faces Of The DRL" Topic First off, I know that HaloTracks has a "What does everybody look like?" topic, but I figured I'd make one specifically for the DRL. Also, instead of having to sort through 100's of comments just to see the actual pictures, let's keep this topic to just pictures; please only reply to this topic if you are posting a picture of yourself, not to comment on other people's pictures. I feel like all the regular DRL racers have gotten to know each other very well, and so it'd be cool to know what everyone looks like. We are a group of teenage boy gamers, we aren't going to judge you on your looks lol, so don't be afraid to post a picture. Personally, I am very curious what everyone looks like and it would be neat to see. Here's me on the beach in Provincetown on the fourth of July. Here's me at TGI Friday's a few weeks ago. Here's me about to go sledding down sand dunes with a boogy board in Provincetown two Decembers ago (December 2011).
  3. Hey hey hey

    1. RealDealD


      Happy new year Coookkie!

    2. OrionHardy


      Surely it should be Nom Nom Nom?

    3. Le Hefe
  4. What's gucci?

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    2. UltimaNylocke


      and here I thought I was the only one who used the word "gucci". happy to see you tho

    3. Em0


      "Gucci is a Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods which is owned by the French holding company Kering" - Source,

    4. CoookkieMonster


      Thank you Em0, about time someone answers my question.

  5. I never changed my gamertag, nor do I have any bans, but my gamertags are: -fatpride12: A temporary account; my Dad named it since he set up Xbox Live for me while I was at a friend's house and he couldn't remember exactly what I wanted it to be. -FatPride27: The account I always said I would make back before I had Xbox Live and I would use my friend's account, supersizedfrie. -Bob Ross 27: Created for temporary use for Halo 3's matchmaking, as new accounts were easier to level up with, and the name came from my love for Bob Ross. -CoookkieMonster: Created for the same reason as the former, but for whatever reason this one stuck. It was named after a trilogy of short videos called, "Cookie Monster Contacts Santa." -TallGlassOfMAN: Created for the same reason as the previous two, and simultaneously my friend made NakedGardenLady, which I also named for him.
  6. Lol RLD made me watch this with him, it just looks really confusing to me.
  7. I'm mainly a classic rock guy, but my girlfriend took me to a Twenty One Pilots concert with her about a month ago, and I've listened to nothing since. They're on another level of good music.
  8. That is because Cookie Monster is sexy.

  9. This website and this game series hold a unique power, a strangely strong form of nostalgia; you think it's "just a game," but every time I come back to this site I get a huge wave of nostalgia from the years I spent playing Halo and doing HT and PFR.

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    2. xSODAPOP 13x

      xSODAPOP 13x

      Are you kidding me Gogeta?

    3. zEXPL ii CITz

      zEXPL ii CITz

      I completely agree with you man. Its been like 4 years since I've even made a track and I still remember all the fun times I had racing with people. Brings back some good memories.

    4. Wolf8499


      It's too hard for me to think about.

  10. Whats gucci gurlz?

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    2. Dom motionless

      Dom motionless

      Who left the oven on? cause dayummmm it's gettin' hot up in here

    3. ImSOshiftfaced


      jus missin you big poppa

    4. Camonized
  11. Hey guys! How is everyone, what's new?

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    2. OscarWiggins


      I sneezed about 5 minutes ago.

    3. OscarWiggins


      Oh, there was a reset in ht points and the tournament beta system was released. Other than that, pretty much the same thing for the past couple of months.

    4. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Plenty going on in the background, and activity all around is slowly trending up. I'm about to put us on a new server to help cut down HT's ridiculously large bill. Performance-wise, things should still be the same.

  12. Hennessy is an awful drink. It does the job, but at what cost?

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    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Yeah, a couple of their spoke-hotties came into a bar I visit not too long ago. They gave out free shots and I wasn't very impressed. Haven't had a sip of that crap, since.

    3. Rob


      which is why black people love it

    4. CoookkieMonster


      Rob that is WHY my friend and I got it, because we are greatly humored by ebonics culture and because a Ludacris song says, "smelling like booty and Hennessy," of which we smelled like half! =D

  13. Just got a 43 kill spree Invincible to start a game off in Halo 3 and went 46 and 2! By far my longest kill spree and one of only 2 legit invincibles ever!

    1. Camonized
    2. CoookkieMonster


      On 360, I don't have MCC or Xbox One.

  14. Yes, warthog racing is awesome. Will my roommate ever learn how to plunge the toilet that he clogs all the time?
  15. No, you were adopted. Is the Walking Dead super repetitive and not great anymore?
  16. Yes, as a matter of fact any answer longer than one word would be obnoxious and unnecessary. If you were Jamaican would you be a makin' bacon?
  17. No, since once it goes black it doesn't come back. Is Cassel really a person?
  18. My friends and I used to play who could get us booted from social big team the quickest in Halo 3. I can't think of any specific dick moves I've done but I'm sure I've done my share.
  19. The greatest montage ever made, courtesy of DoM:

    1. Jake Bobius

      Jake Bobius

      Yep I agree. Soda & Rob really do need to take notes.

    2. Mrs StarStrukk
    3. Rob


      jake we aint even editing

  20. I kind of want to buy a Call of Duty game for 360, any suggestions?Or does anyone known if people still play COD 4 online? That was my favorite game until it broke and I got into Halo.

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    2. CoookkieMonster


      That sucks that CoD 4 is even filled with hackers, if my disc of that didn't stop working I never would have gotten very into Halo and probably would have never forged lol.

    3. RealDealD


      Call of duty 2, Its a classic, the online works great, Campaign is okay, its cheap, Achievements are good, People still play it

    4. Wolf8499


      black ops 1, I'll show you the ropes in zombies(get first strike and resurrection map packs)

  21. Just watched Dualtality and it was pretty awesome, especially since many of the clips were against the best players of all time.
  22. "My little chemo-infested heart." I literally "aww"ed and laughed out loud when I read that. Thank you for the kind words and even more so for keeping PFR alive. I worked hard to keep that channel, as well as HT and the fiber of the racing community alive, and I'm glad to not see it die away! The new intro looks awesome, as does the Season 8 graphic and I hope that season is a success for all involved. That's awesome that you are reviving BT, especially to the extent of a season-based squad. I'm glad to hear you have so much in the works, my only concern is when the release of those HT posters will be! Lol but awesome stuff Jeff, thank you, and thanks for the epic outro music for me to listen to as I type this.
  23. Rewatching Game of Thrones. And I have pizza. I am content.

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Duuuuuuuuuuude, inv me!!!

    2. MtnDewX97


      Duuuuuuuuuuude, inv me too!