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  1. Are you one of the recruits or a member of WARR itself, because i don't see you on the WARR list 1.
  2. I mainly can't join because i try to spend time with all of the groups i am involved with, and i also prefer a more all out intense rocket race with the original maps rather than player made.
  3. I would join but i'm, already in another rocket racing group. (WARR)
  4. Since i havent actually met you i voted as one of the annoying little kids so yeah sorry. Thats just my opinion of everyone until i meet them=)
  5. Who me? Mines not gross=( And yeah its me.
  6. You all had it coming--you get to see hobo!!! Ok fore everyone that clicked the first image... you got rick roll'd. I am now uploading an actual picture of me.
  7. I will be gone for about 3-4 weeks so i will see you all late july/ early august. I doubt i'll get onto the forums much either. But anyway, see you all in about a month....
  8. I can no longer make this tournament either so please take me off of the host list. Sorry.
  9. Guitar please don't use caps. Ooochee pleeease don't bease this machinima off speed racer. It looked so stupid.
  10. Independence day being the fourth of july right?
  11. Jagged peak...Wallrider... FLYING GOOSE!!! Good luck to anyone that gets in my way!!!!!
  12. I will help supervise.
  13. Bilbo if you are already in the all star tourney can you still participate in this?
  14. Killer's right. And killer what is a starting cat?
  15. You can't sign up for this!!! You have to qualify!!!! Read first post?