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  1. Happy to see this place is still around :) hello fellow veterans and new comers

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      Its Jake the Snake. Hi ya

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      Hey, Snake! This is KGB XD. It's great to see you again. How've things been?

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      Sup Snake! I lost my Blastr and became a Hippie.

  2. Happy to see this place is still around :) hello fellow veterans and new comers

  3. Should go back to the vintage HT blue skin... just a tip. Love, Snake <3

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      I second this. Vintage HT > Reach HT

  4. And thus... I sign off for good.

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      Re-add me on xbl then, i mean im never on but still ;)

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      bye snake we should play fm3 more often and thanks for teaching me how to butterfly

  5. Welcome one and all, gather around the podium as I, Snake, am here to deliver my final, and longest, piece of scripture that the Halotracks community will come to see. Some will laugh, some will cry, some will applaud, some will boo, it's all a matter of judgement and personal opinion really, but as I close my personal chapter to just the beginning of my internet relations, I think it's time that someone finally steps up and shows some care for the site, through constructive criticism as always, as well as a story to give those who don't know background info about major events in HT history. Enough with the Shakespeare talk... let's get down to business. *Note: If you take offense to this, then you are not comprehending this correctly. This is supposed to tell you about what happened and the feelings of many during that time, and if it is about you, just continue reading and think back about it. This is not meant to flame or downplay anyone or anyone's actions. I am only stating facts and events. When you start with the bottom of things, the core values of what was the Halotracks community in its hay day, it was a site that somehow your neighbor or best friend downloaded a few maps from. It was at its pinnacle. Members were flocking from everywhere, activity was great and tournaments were plentiful! It was almost more fun to be on the web than it was to race because you were able to reach so many more people that way. The original site skin was simply a classic and the homepage was kept up to date with at least 3 articles daily from different staff members. This my friends was what most of you never saw, and most likely never will again, on this website. We were recognized by Bungie and had a few appearances from employees here and there (ego... down boy.) The massive feuds between ForgeHub all because of their Map of the Year competitions (and Locoskier...) the massive Mythic Tournament that was featured on the front page of Bungie and failed (also Locoskier...). Yes, the community had its fair share of problems... to name well... 2 (Dracostrybyrn, chew...) and a few mishaps here and there like Draco hiring some guy to post the most disturbing images many of you will never witness (which I still remember to this day, and yes... I deleted that post lol) and some hack attempts. By none other than... yep. Draco. Chew on the other hand was just annoying... I'm sure most of you will agree (maybe besides Josh and Deano.) He wasn't always that way, but he always had some grudge against someone, especially me... maybe it was because I got staff and he was on the site longer than I was and had twice as many posts. Not sure though... Anyway, you see, this sums up what Halotracks used to be like. And I'll sum it up in one word for you, Fun. (Spongebob fan boys... now is not the time) Everyone, no matter your rank, was making maps, even if they were terrible at it. Yes... I'm serious, it didn't matter how good you were, you just made maps for the hell of it. Yeah, I wasn't one of those people because hockey took up too much of my time, but that was the community back then. Tournament activity was through the roof, there were no squads (oh no! it's like back in the day when our parents didn't have cellphones. yes....) there were no points, you just raced for the hell of it or some user bar prizes, and had a little list of your tournament placings on your profile, all color coded and what not (prime example: chillybob) which gave you some pride within the community as well. Yes... the good ol' days. Sadly... around a year and a half ago, things went very, very wrong. Before the site upgraded to the IPB 3.0 series, we were still using the old IPB 2 series (if I remember correctly) which was very stable for us and our needs. The site skin looked great, and was probably the best for any Halo community. Once Draco was banned though... things turned very ugly for us. He, or one of his people he possibly hired, hacked (or attempted to) our server multiple times, leaving many of the not so loyal or those who were considering joining wondering what's going on. Which in that case, leads to them not checking for a few days... and that few days turns into forgetting to even check back and we've lost another possible member. But, after the outages, activity still remained very constant and things were still going good for us and eventually interest was back to normal. Until we upgraded... Once we upgraded... we had a whole mess of problems with the old features of the site when we tried converting them over. The skin, looked honestly no different than now besides maybe a few things here and there and some features. But what you are seeing is pretty much what we've had for the past year or so when we got this. Anywho, killer couldn't do 3 million things at once, and his partnership with C u was on thin ice. Especially once C u went to race in Europe for 3 months or something like that. This... this is where some of us, especially me, knew things were going to be very, very rough from here on out. Once C u came back, Killer was furious, because most of the features that needed to be fixed, he couldn't do because C u never gave him access to the Host Gator. They had the argument for the ages (slightly over-exaggerating of course) which left some of us to choose sides on who we were more loyal to and what not. This led to the beginning of the staff corruption in a sense (I'll explain that soon) and after some more riffs and the banning of killer by C u, Travis (C u... if you didn't know that I put this little tid bit for you) decided to put the site up for sale. Out of anyone, luckily someone within the community by the name of Vapour knuckles came to try and save the day. Things were getting close to be completed, and he was even given Admin. He planned to bring killer back, use me for some more help, fix some problems, etc... activity was increasing during this time. Because of the announcements about Vapour getting the site and he made a new account for killer and gave his post count back (C u changed his old account's password and Vapour couldn't get it back,) it gave us a sense of security that the site isn't going to fall, etc... But... C u decided to back out during the final stages of writing the contract. Which of course had a not so good ripple effect within the community, and the staff became 2 sided again. Which leads to some more corruption in processes like Applications and what not. You see, Mr Frodo24 came up to power after being Head Tester, and had a lot of say in things while C u and killer were having it out. He was given admin... in which no vote was taken and we already had 2 admins. But he also kept Head Tester, which many of us thought was strange. This also had a ripple effect through the staff, not in choosing sides, but in how the staff came to be during this time. Wolfy, God knows where he is, was Head Moderator until he had it out with someone again (which... alright you have to admit, isn't new) and was demoted. Smm, at the time, was just a moderator and was given the position. I, at the time, was Head Events Manager. This, my friends is a perfect summary of what I mean by staff corruption (a.k.a. hypocrisy) During most of my time as events manager, well... most of the team per say, was told by people like Frodo and killer to always do more work. Well... let's see... this was around the time squads really became popular as in HT Velocity (we've always had them, I was in Ice Storm back on the old site but that died, they were much harder to get into and had much more requirements than squads now which I will talk about in a bit) so all of the events were happening within the squads, which was not under out jurisdiction. So, the flow of tournaments decreased dramatically, leaving us with really not much work to do. It was kinda fun, but kinda annoying, because if you were in a squad, you usually never raced regular tournaments. There were, and still are I believe, only 2 features in the store that you could use points on (change title and change username I think, don't remember anymore) so points really had no value. In squads, you had leader boards, weekly tournaments, etc... Well... when this was occurring, I was trying to also re-write tournament application rules to simplify the process, as well as coordinate the team the work specific jobs. During this time, ego wanted to organize an event with some of his Bungie friends and I didn't approve of him being a tournament director because I knew he wouldn't pan out (no offense ego, but I just didn't think you fit the job) Frodo comes in, and tries to talk me into it. I still stood my ground. I log in one day and see ego is an Events Manager. So I was like alright... come on really. I tried talking to Frodo, but when I did, guess what. I was demoted and ego was given Head Events Manager. I wasn't sad, I wasn't upset, I was mad that someone would go to that length to do that to me and give someone who wasn't as loyal the job. Frodo's explanation: "You weren't doing your job." Which, what was there to be done?! I did everything for the week and was still writing the new rules and waiting for Tjmax to finish his part so I could proofread and edit. This my friends... is hypocrisy because what was Frodo doing during this time? N.o.t.h.i.n.g. I got the same explanation from killer. The only person who understood was C u, but nothing came of that and I just said screw it with staff. After I organized some community humpdays (which Loco rage quit after getting his ass handed to him by Joshness so many times) and providing ideas, input, and some pretty cool articles to the community, I get trashed. This is what I mean about hypocrisy. Yes, we are all hypocritical at times, but this is when it was at its peak in the staff and I, as well as some others whom I can't remember right now (I think one of the journalists did... not sure) get shafted for something that people just don't see that's in them. Enough with that... I left around late August/September of last year in which things were very bad staff wise and I just didn't care for even posting anymore because activity was so low. So that's my story until there. I came back around December like a day after the mass exodus by most of the core staff who some of which have been here since or almost since day 1. Then I left again... until last week. After noticing the Opinion of Halotracks thread last week, I've realized what has become of this site, and I don't know how some of you guys don't see this. (when I logged in last week it reminded me of Fallout... lol) Many people, whom I will not start to say names in this portion of the topic, don't understand their place in a community and what it takes to earn respect. Trollers and spammers (though some of those made me laugh) were not doing anything to contribute to the topic. Trollers, though you will never be able to get rid of them, need to be disciplined. Letting them run their mouths (or keyboards) does not help the image of the fallen community at all. Locking a topic that may have led somewhere should have been last resort, instead, the topic should have been moved to at least VIP where most of the ex-staff could have it out without plaguing the main forum page. Here are some of my other observations Advertise. I can't say it enough. Advertise. Advertise. Advertise. I know this site pulls in enough money through AdSense (If that's what is used) to in turn help pay for advertising. And that's just site ads. We could do free advertising, and have the Events Managers branch out and become Affiliates on other sites. We only have 5 affiliates... and one of them leads to a survey scam that looks like Facebook (FacilityB5D.) For a site that used to be as big as we were, where in the hell did someone forget to acquire affiliates!? Don't take that wrong, but seriously, BWO has tons of them. If people don't know we exist anymore, then how are were going to get stronger? Ranks. This was something that started to occur before my leave. We have too many. Plain and simple. The 4 that can go are Ambassador, Squad Manager, regular Media Director and Samurai. The reason I say Samurai is because that is something the Manager can do, because in essence they are the same jobs anyway. Ambassador... I don't really need to explain. Squad Manager, this is something that should be part of the regular EM's daily job, which is why many of us lost our staff anyway because it wasn't included during that time. (If I hear the excuse of "well we didn't think about that" then I'm gonna smack someone because I don't know how many times I've said that squad should be under our position). With Media Director, they also don't really have much responsibility. The Head oversees the contests anyway, and the fact that someone is good in something doesn't mean they get a staff position on a silver platter. That's not how any company works, no how any website works. Rules. I would love to see the day that people actually read and follow the rules on a website. This one is the prime example of how the rules are not being enforced to their context and instead moderators are locking topics or deleting posts that are well within acceptance all because of their personal opinions. Since he isn't around anymore, I will say this. Wolfy was one of the people who did this, no offense to him, but he moderated to his liking, which is what got him in trouble. The trend needs to stop, because that is what scares members away, it's almost like communism when you really think about it. Because the media (or in this case posts) are being watched like a hawk by different people and are moderated differently all due to their liking. Leadership. It all starts with the core members. This is the only time I will say this, and please, take this as something you need to work on. C u, you are not a good leader. Killer, neither were you. You both have a lot to work on when it comes to leading a site and keeping members active. It starts with being active yourselves, following the rules yourselves (you made the rules, thus, you must follow them. Making them does not mean you are above them. The Bible is the perfect example of this when you read the story of Jesus.) The reason companies fall apart is because of bad management and leadership from the top, and you 2, especially as of late (I know killer is pretty much gone, but C u take this into account) have not done anything for the past year or more that I can recall, to improve this site. Instead, the decisions you've made, as well as by some of the other staff, have crippled this site's image and ruined the popularity. You were barely around C u when I was, which is a bad sign, because killer couldn't do it all. And you see how that ended up? As well... you need to be more open C u, so does killer. You guys are hard heads. I'm saying that flat out right now, which is what led to killer getting banned, the near site sale, etc... I have a feeling you are going to fail to see that within yourself, which, God love both of you, really is what caused our problems and the downfall of what was such a strong community. Which... that leads me to this: my farewell. Avi, Joshness, Deano, Yugno, Swat, Jeff, purple, chilly, wrangoth, Vapoo, nugget, those whom I really got to know as well as a few others, I wish you the best. Hopefully I'll see some of you guys on Xbox or another site soon. For the rest, I hope this new Trigger Smash site turns out well for you all and I also wish you all the best as well. I hope this becomes a topic of mature discussion for everyone to ponder about what I have talked about. That was my purpose in typing this, and I hope some good will come out of it. There, my wall of text is done (no need for China wall jokes... Josh or Deano >_>) Fin. God Bless, Jake Dillon
  6. To be honest, there doesn't seem to be much flow, in terms of using C4D's, smudging, etc... and could use some gradient mapping and blurring/sharpening The concept is there, just build off of it. You have a ways to go but you'll get there
  7. well... today is the day I leave, at least until TS comes, but I'm sure I won't be around for that too. Be on the look out for a topic in General Chat within the day, I'd recommend reading it.

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  8. Meh... I run it smooth enough anyway I just need to turn down a little of the view distance and I'm golden because of my ram. Other than that it's flawless. When you get your new gfx card (when do you by the way?) I'll set you up with the multiplayer client and show you how to use it.
  9. Countdown until left for good: 4 days

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  10. I run it max with a $150 one...
  11. Yes you can actually... I found a MP client that is really easy to use and works with the patch. It's fun lol Yeah it's not the "normal" online but there's still a bit of people on this client's servers.
  12. No kidding. But it's because of the immaturity and hypocrisy of half the people here... and if anyone even read a peep of my post on the bottom of page 6... well... you know what I'll quote it again. I even made it more noticeable so you guys would actually see it. I love it when nobody ever listens to even a peep of what I have to say... oh wait that's what's been going on since day 1. Yeah, my little appearance here is going to end very, very soon. I don't know why the hell I even bothered to come back here, this site is a joke in my eyes after seeing this. You all should be ashamed.
  13. There's only one person to blame here. I'm sorry for that happening to you Bre. I know exactly how that is.
  14. Oh what I have to say about this...
  15. Anyone wanna play GTA IV pc through Tunngle LAN? I'm bored... and I'll get you set up...

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      Yeah sure, when I can get it working though lol.