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  1. YAY you got your account back!

  2. waiting for my sample *edit: Raise to 60
  3. sorry for the delay. here it is. Points winner: #18 Ionized. Congrats Background winner #24 Datastorm Congrats Thank you all for your support throughout the years. Hope to see you again in the future.
  4. All time? I must go with the Xbox 72000000 of course. It comes with Kinect 500.o installed and its sheer epicness
  5. Sadly guys my time on Ht is out :( As gifts to the community i am giving away half of my ht points as well as my profile back ground. All you have to do is post what raffle you are going for and pick a number between 1 and 50. one entry per each category. Its been a great time and i wish to see you in the future. I will pick the winner this Sunday. Points: background:
  6. Hey everyone, my time here on ht is up. Its been a great time racing with you all but its time to leave video games altogether and focus on my future. I will stay lurking around but no major activity. Good luck with your futures. also im raffling away half my points and my profile background so check out the topic

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    2. Camonized
    3. x DREAM 76 x
    4. MISTA 305

      MISTA 305

      thanks for all the support guys. good luck with all the future challenges that await you.

  7. I don't care if its warm by you... haha. By the way, its very hard to type with this background. I think i'm about to have a seizureeeeesffsdfsf a oj ajid o klm...............................

  8. You let fuel die :( Im not sure if I can forgive you enough, but welcome back anyway. Maybe you can stay this time.

  10. ur background lags my old computer

  11. HT squads to halotracks racing
  12. Maybe If you guys get the youtube back up and strong, you can apply for a youtube partnership, which in return lets you post long videos and you get money for ads on your videos
  13. Why is spermiziods birthday everyday?

    1. Spermizoid


      Cause I live every day like it's my first.

    2. Spermizoid


      Say happy birthday once in a while!

    3. Camonized


      I think the saying is "live everyday like it is your last" haha

  14. then i believe spermi is just getting some easy points. Cool to see we have the rep system back without the negative