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  1. So, if I were to set up a demo tournament on Halo 4 who would be interested?

  2. Okay, cool. I may set one up myself here soon.
  3. Hello friends, I have been trying to get into a few tournaments lately and realized that well most of them are being hosted on the new console which rocks. However, I do to low amounts of income could be a ways off from my goal of obtaining the newest gaming system. So, I was wordering if anyone would be willing to host slash race in tournaments I host. This way, the lonely racers like me with the sad sad innability to get to the new evolution in gaming can still have some good old fashioned halotracks fun. If anyone would please respond to this with interest that would be awesome. I love racing, but because I have just recently started responding on the site again I haven't had many people to race/forge with. So please let know if you are still on the 360 so I can make sure I friend you. Thanks.
  4. This lack of activity makes me sad. Please people. I need to see posting.

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    2. ImSOshiftfaced


      makes me sad too! where is htsx8 jeff? where?

    3. Deacon
    4. wrangoth2


      Well I'll keep posting things.

  5. Okay, so my brother and I are working on a map for the capture the flag (CTF) gametype. However, we finished forging and went to play it and it said that it was not compatible with the CTF gametype.. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this, or what I should check to try and fix it? By the way, this is on Halo 4. If anyone knows anything, please leave a comment here, or if you'd be interested in forging with me for a bit to help me that would be awesome. Please let me know. Thanks a ton in advance.
  6. Hmm, interesting. I always thought they were a cool part of the site. Another way of giving people an opportunity to feel important. Like they are making a difference. To put in my two cents I think it would be awesome to see them return. Definitely would help people like me returning. The ratings really show what maps I should take the time to get ahold of. I have no idea which to get now. I just picked a random bunch. Haha.
  7. Forgive me if this the wrong forum for this, but I haven't been around in a while and I'm curious as to why there are no testers. Is that no longer a thing? I used to think that was a really cool part of this site. Just wondering what was going on. Someone let me know.
  8. So, I pretty much stopped forging after halo 3. I think I'm going to get back into it though. Anyone want to forge together some time?

  9. Well, just stopping to see how things are here.

  10. If the friday referred to is this week. Then consider me signed up!
  11. Okay, Thanks a lot guys. Hopefully, I'll stop being a stranger soon. I'm planning on joining some DRL tournaments and trying my hand at some Halo 4 Racing!
  12. May be sad and a bit late, but finally got Halo 4 I no longer have to just watch this site I can be a part! haha

  13. What are some of the most popular maps for making tracks? I ask because I just bought Halo 4 and I am not sure if I need to purchase all of the downloadable maps or not. If all of them are commonly use I of course will get them, but if I can save a buck I am sure we all know how that goes. Thanks to any and all who answer. Hopefully you will all see me in some tournaments tearing it up shortly. (Also, a bit off topic, I will be getting my own personal Xbox Tomorrow so my tournament access with be much better!)
  14. You can go ahead and add me. I just go Halo 4 so I think it is about time I got back involved on this site. Wooh!