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  1. I'm getting Portal 2 this weekend and I heard you had to pay for custom maps on Xbox and not PC. Is this true? Also, if I get it for Xbox, do you only have to pay once for the custom maps section or do you have to pay a little bit for every custom map you get? And prices if anyone knows. Thanks in advance.
  2. When I say first game, I don't actually mean the first game that you have ever played. I mean the game that got you started on video games. The game that you played most when you were younger. For me, it was Halo 2. Yes Halo 2, not Combat Evolved. I'm pretty sure I played that game more than any other game, and it's what got me started on video games. What about you?
  3. I just got on Xbox and started playing Red Dead Redemption, but when I went into the multiplayer, something came up saying I had a "strict NAT setting" on the network and it wouldn't let me play multiplayer. I honestly have no idea what this means or how to fix it. It's never happened before and I have not changed anything about my network recently. If someone could explain what this means and how I could fix it that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  4. The trait zone feature looks incredible.. You could do make a lot of sweet things with that.
  5. smcd3gnv is the router brand I believe. I really have no experience with this kind of stuff..
  6. Xfinity? Or is it like a number? @Yugnoswam I have. My Internet just sucks. Hah
  7. Where do I find what router it is?
  8. My Xbox Live gold just ended but I had auto renew off. So bought a month of gold off of my computer, but when I got back on my Xbox, it didn't register that I had purchased gold. I waited about 45 minutes and tried it again. Still didn't register. It also says I have gold on my account online. I was just wondering if it's usual that it's taking this long or if I need to do something to fix it. Thanks.
  9. Got it. It didn't actually charge it right away. I just got on now and it's working. Thanks
  10. There was an email confirmation of the purchase. Also, I just checked it again and it still didn't transfer and it's already been a couple hours.
  11. What would each of them do specifically? Or do you not know for sure yet?
  12. I'll join if that's cool. I was in HC before.
  13. Alright I think that answers my question. PC it is! Thanks guys
  14. I'm almost positive that you can get it for Xbox. It's like a DLC kinda pack. I think. But you still have to pay for it.
  15. Mine was really random. Me and my bro were making an Xbox Live account (first time I've ever used Xbox Live) and my brother just started saying random crap and it stuck. My Gamertag is tyl0rR0x0rz. "Tylor", came from my name, which is Tyler. "Rox", came from rocks, as in playing guitar, not a literal rock. And "Orz", was i guess just the end that we threw on there. Then we changed all of the o's into 0's. And its sort of stuck with me ever since we made it. I shortened it up to just Tyloroxorz because its easier to type and crap. Yeah, totally random..lol
  16. What new game are you excited for the release of? For me, it would have to be Assassins Creed 3. Even though this is a Halo site, and I am very excited for the release of Halo 4, I just still think its not going to be as good as the hype. So yes, the game I am most excited to get my hands on is AC3. Gonna be incredible.
  17. This topic is everything Dubstep. Post your favorite songs or just give your opinion about what you think about Dubstep or specific songs. Here are some of my favorite Dubstep songs.. Is and forever will be in my opinion the greatest Dubstep song ever made.. Can't go wrong with Knife Party. And last but not least, a new group that I just started listening to recently. Ry Legit. I could post a thousand more awesome Dubstep songs, but I'll just leave it to 3 for now..hah
  18. For those of you that haven't seen already..
  19. Nothing better than watching E3 and studying for exams at the same time..ha

  20. Never said Yugno joined before me. Changed to 8/10..lol 9/10. Amazing with graphics. Been around for a while as far as I know
  21. Does anyone know how to get your Xbox live picture on your computer? I know how to get a picture of my whole avatar, but I just want the small picture that shows up when your friends are looking at your profile. I don't know if it actually has I name..ha. I want to use that same picture as my avatar on the site.
  22. Ahh, thank you. I swear I checked everywhere BUT the "edit my profile" section..lol. Thanks dude. EDIT: An Admin can trash this topic.
  23. Yeah I don't think many people remember me..lol. I have been around for a while though. Use to spend a crap load of time on this site before it was turned into TriggerPoop. But anyway, 8/10 for Yugno. Has been around for a long long time. Posts often.
  24. Yeah I looked there. If you don't know what I'm talking about, its the little picture in the top right corner when you sign into your Xbox account on xbox.com EDIT: The Gamer Picture..
  25. 9/10 Don't really know you. Seen you around quite a bit though..lol