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  1. Hey guys, so i'm looking for some guys to play BF3 with on the PC. I've been pretty lonley playing BF3 by myself as all my freinds haz it on the consoles. Obviously, you have to have a copy of BF3 on the PC, plus if your good then that would also be great, but not required, (i'm not that good my self). No karkland or CQ required, but a mic and skype is. Just looking for a bit of fun, nothing to competive Just post if your intresred below.
  2. Check mah specs out!: Case: HAF 912 MB: MSI P67A-GD65 CPU: i5 2500K RAM: G.Skill Sniper Low Volt 1600mhz 2X4gb SSD: Patriot 60GB SATA 3 PSU: OCZ 700W Some LG diskdrive Blue LED Cooler Master 200mm Fan Video Card: Asus GTX560 DirectCUIIOC What do you think, I built this last christmas, first build, so not all went smoothly (bent my CPU xD) but this rig is mah baby and I can play BF3 High no problems
  3. Great, so now I still have no answers and the site is still not fixed.

  4. Ice's account was deleted tdudes, I VERY much doubt he had any role.
  6. Why did you do it jeff?
  7. My SX map pack has been posted!

  8. Chick fil a, no blam!ing contest.
  9. Lolz, ment seconds my bad.
  10. Updated: Holeshot fixed Sprint Park SX Author: Datastorm 1 Lap time: 45sec Description: Sprint Park SX is my third SX track and my best. I wanted to make something like at&t park but not remake it, so now we have this Download Link: Screenshots:
  11. Anyone up for reviewing my map?