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  1. No, I played with my old friend ... I forget his old gamertag. Eaglestrike or something.
  2. I got to a 45 in doubles.
  3. ... knees weak, arms are heavy
  4. Just cancelled my XBL Gold subscription for now (It officially ends Sept. 21). I'll probably come back for Halo 6.

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      Halo is ded

  5. Yea dude, I'm Onyx
  6. Don't do drugs

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      Hey I need drugs to live!!!

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      Don't tell me how to live my life 

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      share them..?

  7. I'm very excited at the possibility of Halo 4 racing again. Now with the perspective of 3-4 years time passed, you realize how good we had it for that game in particular. Maybe we'll even get that modded game type back with random timed gate drops and lap times. My concern stems from the terrible connectivity I've experienced on H3 in MCC, and the possibility that that extends to the stand-alone experience.
  8. I'm working on a Halo 4 Supercross track on MCC.
  9. Overlook SX - Halo: Reach - Purpledinosaur0 To self-elect - and to disobey direct orders from Cassel - I think Overlook SX, although going through quite a bit of variation, provided some great SX racing for its time. Whitewater National - Halo 4 - King Edward I This track was late in the lifespan of Halo 4 but reinvigorated a lot of people's interest in competitive racing at the time. I remember a lobby of 10 or so people racing on this map competitively for no specific reason because it was so enjoyable. As an aside, this track won overall in Best of Halo 4. Asimov Beach/Stadium - Halo: Reach - Jeffh3962 This track may not be remembered well, but it was forged on the map Tempest and took advantage of it with a really distinct endurocross section with logs and grass. It's one of my personal favorites. It also was very technical and featured 3 or so split rhythms. Special Mention: A.51 Motocross - Halo 2 Anniv. - MtnDew97 This track was very ambitious when being forged and I doubted its completion while watching him forge it, but it did get done. It boasted at least a minute long lap time (as far as I remember) and raced very competitively with a unique approach to the placement of terrain
  10. That looks pretty sick. Let us/me know when you're testing, I'd be happy to do so.
  11. If we do that we would either need to do just 8 races like in the NOS, or do a lot of the tracks twice.
  12. Ive been a member for 9 damn years.  Wow. 

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      Haps HT Birth. Haps.

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      lol I will hold back on the dinosaur oh wait, CHYNAsaur that has 9 lives and say congrats and remember back to all the times I clobbered you in Demo DOUCHE