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  1. 1. Mt. Lelsuvius 2. Reset 3. Raildoors
  2. We can do it!
  3. Thank you, that works.
  4. Instead of posting another topic, I'll add another issue here. It is not possible to edit your map post once it is submitted to the map database. The button which should take you to the map editor doesn't load anything.
  5. Are past tournaments, take for instance the Halo Reach Go-Kart Endurance tournament and the Nationals Open Series, no longer available to view and no longer stored on the site? The tournament page is extremely limited in scope and does not contain tournaments which happened over a few years ago.
  6. First update in two months - 10 days.

  7. Check out this post on Halo Waypoint. There will be a one time transfer of Xbox 360 files in early August. All you will need to do is have the files on your file share. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/84ad72a8b51847978545f685f651fc15/topics/legacy-map-and-game-type-migration-to-mcc/879b03bd-5721-41a4-9ec2-487622ad6cde/posts
  8. "where the lap times are counted in whole seconds" So true
  9. Happy Anniversary Cam
  10. Let’s rce


    3..2..1 Lets rce 

  11. HT challenge was a good time Easy medium hard
  12. Next gen Wall Rider? You should do that.
  13. Long time no see, huh guys?

    1. kogaGmente III

      kogaGmente III

      YOu betchya! I'm in the same boad, recently came back to check on HT.

  14. The second one is the only that I've never heard before. The first just had an extended intro that added nothing. The other two have been, I think, already fully released. First one is my favorite though. I listen to the album on Spotify all the time.
  15. Can you explain more what base game you plan on using?