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  1. Let’s rce


    3..2..1 Lets rce 

  2. Long time no see, huh guys?

    1. kogaGmente III

      kogaGmente III

      YOu betchya! I'm in the same boad, recently came back to check on HT.

  3. Just cancelled my XBL Gold subscription for now (It officially ends Sept. 21). I'll probably come back for Halo 6.

  4. Don't do drugs

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    2. OrionHardy


      Hey I need drugs to live!!!

    3. RealDealD


      Don't tell me how to live my life 

    4. Kenjamin1 MI
  5. Ive been a member for 9 damn years.  Wow. 

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Haps HT Birth. Haps.

    2. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      lol I will hold back on the dinosaur oh wait, CHYNAsaur that has 9 lives and say congrats and remember back to all the times I clobbered you in Demo DOUCHE

  6. Hey goys theres a race today

  7. There is a race today

  8. Theres not a race, nevermind

  9. Theres a race today

  10. First Nationals race of the series begins in 28 hours

  11. Happy 4th of July for all my American fellows.

  12. Redid my cover with new strings. For any interested:

  13. Made a recording as well, an acoustic cover.. Check it out, thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnzFpVwRQjs

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    2. Sodafied


      You are amazing

    3. MikeEgan


      Thanks soda, appreciate it

    4. MikeEgan


      I think I'm gonna try and redo it. The strings hadn't been changed in a while so the sound was dull and soft

  14. Got a job as a janitor at a grocery store.

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    2. Offrce


      You should become a full-time Trump supporter

    3. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      lol guys. I almost applied to be a janitor at Norfolk International Airport, but they were expected to do way too much stuff for me to want to do it everyday.

    4. Sodafied


      It's called a job

    1. Kat2BKittnMe


      Looks good. I tried getting rid if those geese but couldn't figure it out

    2. MikeEgan
    3. Sodafied


      That looks like beaver stadium

  15. I talked to Max earlier and he told me to say that Cassel sucks.

    1. Camonized


      You sure you weren't talking to a decoy?

    2. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      Sounds like something Max would say