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  1. That looks pretty sick. Let us/me know when you're testing, I'd be happy to do so.
  2. If we do that we would either need to do just 8 races like in the NOS, or do a lot of the tracks twice.
  3. Ive been a member for 9 damn years.  Wow. 

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Haps HT Birth. Haps.

    2. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      lol I will hold back on the dinosaur oh wait, CHYNAsaur that has 9 lives and say congrats and remember back to all the times I clobbered you in Demo DOUCHE

  4. I know this is weird but I just started playing Halo again and I went onto reach and found some of your old sx tracks that I downloaded years ago. It inspired me to make a bmx track today. I never knew so many people who knew motocross and supercross were into halo and making tracks. I will definitely be redownloading Halo 5 and the MCC. Thank you!!!!

    1. PurpleCHYNAsaur


      Thanks man, glad you enjoy my stuff. 

  5. I'm of the opinion to skip Halo 5 altogether as I don't very much enjoy the mongoose.
  6. Your ass is asanine
  7. My name is Jeff and I'm bad at forging. My name is Jbpressure and I'm only sporadically active.
  8. Cassel is bad at Halo 3
  9. Hello.
  10. Best wishes Nuked. HT is here with you. Ive suffered from depression too, but no where near as severe. Currently attending an outpatient program at a mental health ward for it though.
  11. Hello.
  12. Hey goys theres a race today