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  1. Missin' the days Ionized. Hope college is going good for you man.

  2. Missin' the days Ionized. Hope college is going good for you man.

  3. Heard frame rate was pretty bad today, sry errybody

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  7. Team Name: RedBull KTM Leader: v Ionized Members: 1.) MtnDewX97 2.) x0 SKITTLES 0x 3.) Reserved Uniform: Orange / White Team Description: Here as a member of the RedBull KTM team, we live by one rule. If you ain't first, your last.
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  10. 2013 Minneapolis nearly complete, never thought it would have taken this long.

  11. I'm almost done with it, I think. I haven't really worked on in a while, but I'll get crackin' so we could start this thang!
  12. I do not know how often you guys watch the news, but the results of this tragedy are completely devastating and heartbreaking. On December 14th, 2012, during a normal school day, a gunman had stormed the school of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut (the town directly across from where I live). There was a total of 27 people killed in this attack, 20 first grade students, 6 teachers, and the gunmen himself. Below, is an article explaining ,more of what happened. "The Connecticut mass murderer used an assault rifle to slaughter his 26 victims, spraying dozens of bullets into a helpless group of first-graders and staff, officials said Saturday. The grisly details of killer Adam Lanza’s gory rampage emerged one day after the shooter unleashed the second-deadliest school killing in U.S. history. The tiny victims were riddled by as many as 11 bullets. Lanza forced his way inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire with a .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle — an assault weapon that can fire up to six bullets per second. The victims were shot “all over,” said Connecticut state Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carter II. “All over . . . this is probably the worst I’ve ever seen.” Sixteen of the slain students were 6-year-olds, while four were just 7. Victim Josephine Gay, one of a dozen slain girls, celebrated her seventh birthday just three days before Lanza walked into her classroom. Carter, asked if the carnage left him in tears, replied, “Not yet.” Carter said the shooter seemed to fire both randomly and accurately during his two-minute tear. The six slain school staffers were all women." Read more: This tragedy is truly heartbreaking. With Christmas around the corner, these families will be mourning for the ones they loved instead of holiday celebration. Towns throughout Connecticut have been holding Vigils this weekend in memory of those "26 Angels", as we have been referring them to. President Obama is coming to Connecticut tomorrow to pay his respects to those families of Newtown who had lost there children. These families lives will never be the same. This completely ruined my weekend, after hearing about this on Friday during school. Knowing that it was a town right next to me made it ten times more frightening. Even if you don't follow a religion, I still think it would be right to show concern for these families.
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