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    I like to play basketball and of course I play video games almost every day. Still I am very athletic playing 3 sports so far. Yep, that's me!
  1. I would like a setting where you could set it to "Ghost Merging" and you could just pick up objects and ghost merge them without the work.
  2. GamerTag TY13579 Day and Time: I am availible 4pm to 8pm every day TimeZone: Mountain Time What needs to be taught: Banked Turns Teacher: Smm2010
  3. your banned because you ve been in halotracks 2 long
  4. 8/10 cause I was in a game with him
  5. 8/10 cause i saw u on another topic
  6. What should I right??????????
  7. Your banned because your name looks kinda cool!!!
  8. hell ya kiddie section ftw!!!!!!

  9. I'm just going to laugh now. I'm glad HT is getting kids from the kiddie section.

  10. Yoy should really be more active in the HaloTracks community and enjoy being a part of it.

  11. Hey kieran when are you going to get that CapCard?

  12. Yep I am 12 years old but an experienced Forge builder and can understand what you are saying so don't get mad just because I'm 12.