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  1. 7/10 Suck My Nuts you fat no life funk
  2. 0.2/10 Still on his period, go get your daily dose of dick you noob, while you at it watch me and your moms sextape I produced
  3. He should just call the Heat a bunch of pussies, cause he's always trash talking (sometimes it funny, but other time it makes want to punch him)
  4. 0.5/10 He's on his period. You need to take a joke you fag. JK, but seriously use a tampon next time
  5. It funny as sh#t, its on Adult Swim, its like Jackass mixed with Chappelle's Show, If you know Tyler The Creator, this is his show. Heres one of his songs
  6. Over 9000!!!!!, every one knows you, so you're the legend of NoObs. YOU NOoB!!!! No JKJK
  7. I suggest you dress in layers, so you don't paint raped, other than that just practice at your closest paintball arena. Good Luck
  8. D-Wade Wants the Heat to lose, I saw the game winning shot he took on Game 4, he's suppose to be a clutch factor and he shot a open fade and missed I like Rondo as a team player because he's not a ball hog like the infamous Kobe "BallHog" Bryant
  9. I've been watching show since the premiere but it gets a bad rep, so what do you thing about loiter squad. Here's A Pic
  10. 7/10: He needs a tampon, when hes on his period. JKJKJK No seriously, your a noOb FTWFTWFTW!!!!!! #YOLO
  11. Okay since I have only 2 members , I have to bring this back from the dead and I will attach this to the Prize-O-Rama so if you want in, you can still join, this has alot of potential and need to spread it so I will allow people who join will be able to get prizes no matter what, starting with Virtual Saturn
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    Ha thats funny. Why would i want to say hello? im not a nice person. Lol JK

    Hello Ecarracer's Profile

  13. If you need proof I have screenshots of all of the programs
  14. Okay, I have the Games in Steam So Be Ready When I Send It, Aviator, Do you have XBL
  15. I buy it or I was given to it by a friend, associate, parents, family