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  1. Holy, just found this site again. Sorry for being the annoying 11 year old that I was...

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      That was all of us. Some still.

  2. Cookie you are doin good with those selfies
  3. I'm in and if you need any help I play also play AA ice hockey.
  4. Good luck Jeff!
  5. My cousin showed me this song and I thought thought it was weird. It's creepy enough to be in insidious. Also try to understand it without the words.
  6. A spear at the top to stab masta .
  7. What about this on? It meets the standards.
  8. I'm not worrying. This is for you people who think it's real. It's like the 2000 doomsday.
  9. I read these about 2012 and thought they were pretty interesting. Pole drifting. As predicted by the mayans 2012 Doomday may be just aroudn the corner! Read more below. According to scientist the Earth's north magnetic pole is drifting away from North America so fast that it could end up in Siberia within 50 years . The magnetic poles are different from geographic poles, the surface points marking the axis of Earth's rotation. The shift could mean that Alaska will lose its northern lights, or auroras, which might then be more visible in areas of Siberia and Europe. Magnetic poles have been known to migrate and reverse. "This may be part of a normal oscillation and it will eventually migrate back toward Canada," Joseph Stoner, a palaeomagnetist at Oregon State University, told a meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco. Wandering poles Previous studies have shown that the strength of the Earth's magnetic shield has decreased 10% over the past 150 years. During the same period, the north magnetic pole wandered about 1,100km (685 miles) into the Arctic, according to the new analysis. The rate of the magnetic pole's movement has increased in the last century compared with fairly steady movement in the previous four centuries, the Oregon researchers said. The Oregon team examined the sediment record from several Arctic lakes. Since the sediments record the Earth's magnetic field at the time, scientists used carbon dating to track changes in the magnetic field. They found that the north magnetic field shifted significantly in the last thousand years. It generally migrated between northern Canada and Siberia, but has occasionally moved in other directions. Rate of change At the present rate, the north magnetic pole could swing out of northern Canada into Siberia. If that happens, Alaska could lose its northern lights, or auroras, which occur when charged particles streaming away from the Sun collide with gases in the ionosphere, causing them to glow. The north magnetic pole was first discovered in 1831 and when it was revisited in 1904, explorers found it had moved by 50km (31 miles). For centuries, navigators using compasses had to learn to deal with the difference between magnetic and geographic north. A compass needle points to the north magnetic pole, not the geographic North Pole. 2012 Doomsday Mayan Calender Pole Shift Pole Reversal Doomsday 2012 Doomsday Mayan Calender If you are reading this you are living in one of the most interesting times. From the Mayan perspective and from many other perspectives: These are the End Times. This is the time of prophecy about a 2012 Doomsday. Just about everybody has heard of the date 2012 and read about 2012 doomsday predictions. Most people hear about Dec 21, 2012 and say, “Hmm, isn’t that when the Mayan calendar ends? Isn't that 2012 Doomsday date? Accoding to some scholars the Mayan calendar doesn’t end in 2012. The Mayan calendar is based on cycles within cycles within cycles. What happens in 2012 is the ending of a major cycle. For the Maya 2012 is the ending of what is known as the Great Cycle. The GreatCycle is a 5,125 year cycle that began at the date on the Mayan calendar. Modern day media has tagged this date as "2012 Doomsday" The present Kali Yuga cycle of the Hindus began just 11 years later in 3102 B.C., this is supposedly when Lord Krishna disincarnated and then the Kali Yuga began. Kali Yuga is the final and darkest age. For the Maya, history did begin at 3113 B.C. The first dynasty of Egypt was established circa 3100 B.C. The first city in history was founded circa 3100 B.C. That was the city of Uruk, from which the name Iraq is derived. Uruk was founded by seven wise men at the beginning of history in Mesopotamia. If you look at the history books you will see that virtually everything we think of as the history of civilization began at that point and slowly builds up from there—this is the Babylonian/Mesopotamian origin of civilization. Mayans say that this whole cycle of civilization 5,125 years comes to an end on the Winter Solstice December 21, 2012 A.D Do you think it exists or not?
  10. How do you know that? It doesn't make sense.
  11. Was this it?
  12. Will eat your brainz.
  13. Thank you yoshi. I can get Nascar, BattleTracks, and Savage tracks soon.
  14. 10/10 love it avi!!!
  15. Yea I don't really like it. You can find all of that elsewhere.