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  1. Welcome to HaloTracks iTz DiVeRSiOn!

  2. There should be teams for every playlist. This is just my opinion even though it sounds kinda stupid
  3. Yah, i saw this about a month ago on comedy central
  4. Yah, same. I should be able to make it though
  5. iit seems like a pretty fun idea. I guess u can sign me up
  6. a PC game. Coffee...
  7. Ordinarry's anal cavity. Ordinarry is a...
  8. Me and Ordinarry were playing base wars for about an hour. I killed him about 7 times and then he said, "next kill wins", I killed him 23 times in a row and he still wouldnt admit he lost, then he killed me, we kept playing cause i said that it was retarded and i killed him more. Then he killed me, I called Shenanigans, I killed him deleted his base then he kept repeating "I won" and booted me. So who do you think was the rightful victor? (This probobly took up a lot of space)...

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    2. Guest


      yea...i agree with masta

    3. Camonized


      Don't worry Ordinary is an idiot anyway =P

    4. xXIceBurnChaosXx


      I say tie with a side of pie.....pumpkin pie with whip cream to be exact... (^.^)

  9. is better then CoD no matter how much little fan boys cry or whine. Red bull....
  10. BJ's from random women. McDonalds is...
  11. You can sign me up since I haven't been to active in the squads lately...
  12. In Visual Arts on my phone on HT!!! IMA REBEL!!!!

  13. the sexiest person ever. Meatloaf is very.....
  14. going on a secret mission too...
  15. bad movies. There once was a cat......