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  1. I'm assuming this works by having the red blockers be magenta and the blue blockers be cyan and have the pressure plates only applicable for the red and blue teams right? If not, how do you prevent false scores from blockers?
  2. has anyone made any headway in creating some sort of scoring system for halo 5 racing? I'm brainstorming day in and day out to figure out something

    1. Jab


      Nope, just gonna have to wait til 343 comes out with something

    2. Edwyrd


      Nothing consistently works.

  3. Is there any official place we can complain directly to 343 about our qualms with halo 5 forge?
  4. the king of the hill gametype added back to the game. I loved king of the hill and while strongholds is similar to that, its either very unclear how or impossible to recreate such behavior. King of the hill makes racetracks possible as a gametype while also adding back something we love.
  5. Can't you set it to despawn after a second?
  6. Cant you do the same old halo 3 way except with strongholds, get rid of contesting the stronghold and set the stronghold through a mancannon where you have a fixed path and you gain exactly one point per time you go through?
  7. This map is insanely good. One of the best looking maps in existence and it's also extremely functional! You guys outdid yourselves and I wish there were more like this.
  8. I looked at the website and they took the patch off the website and their customer service sucks. You have to buy version 16 for it to work with Windows 8 and that's $100+ dollars out of my pocket that I don't need to spend. I'm not supporting their products ever again. Is there a way to make Sony Vegas to work with USB devices? It works with the internal webcams on the surface pro.
  9. Yeah I'm not buying any more pinnacle products after how poor their customer service is. I have Sony Vegas 9 and I know how to use it but for some reason it's capture software doesn't recognize or can't use my pinnacle usb device.
  10. Hey, I have a pinnacle movie box plus from 2-3 years ago but the capture software doesn't work with windows 8 or my surface pro for some reason so I've been looking around for capture software and so far I can't find any good software and nothing seems to pick up the sound from my device. Does anyone know of any good software? Preferably free but I can deal with paid stuff.
  11. I've noticed on split screen some of the community made maps lag quite a bit. It might be because I have the original Xbox 360 but I'm not 100% sure
  12. 343i recently added the community map test playlist. What are your thoughts? So far I really enjoy it. The maps are close quarters, they're fresh, some have static weapon spawns and the objective game types have such a different feel on some of them. It adds some spice and pizazz to a once boring game. What do you guys think?
  13. None for halo 4?
  14. Are they on your fileshare, masta?
  15. Okay, so I listened to this podcast I heard online about how your player score is seperate/adds to the total score and it gave me an idea. Halo 4 gives you a score for kills + hill points. Just make the player kills = 1 point and add hill points to player score and it should work. And if you can't add hill points to player score, simply have a player/team notify everyone else when they win. Just bouncing ideas off everyone.