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  1. Sign me up. GT: Soupburger Joe
  2. Well, if you were willing to put in the 500 points to run the squad I would definitely be prepared to have you as a co-chair with me And i would pay back 250 points to you when i got them so as to make it a 50/50 split between us. At the moment the name I'm thinking of is "HT Professional Stock League" or something along those lines. And we could agree on a way to run season 1 and if the way it is ran doesn't work out well like as you said they have a bad qualifier but go undefeated then we can always change it for season 2. But at teh same time, the qualifers are fair as, if the 12 teams did poorly in qualification then they would be matched with the 12 worst teams from qualification, meaning they are racing against people of equal skill level. So you could be the best of all the worst teams if you get what i mean, which means you win your division, but would come like 36/48 in the overall team ratings. So i think that overall it IS a fair way to do it, but then obviously you will get the occasional bad qualifying time, but that is why you take the average of the 4 drivers. If 3 of the drivers do amazingly and 1 does really really bad, then overall the average will still be good, placing the team in the 2nd division (hypothetical of course) but in practice that is the way it would work out. Soup.
  3. Yeah, looking at it now your way does make more sense for the cost side of things. I would however, really strongly push the idea of players getting prices depending on seasonal ratings and then a team buys a player for said price - It wouldn't be that hard to implement (You would just have the first season as all players having no price seeing as they have no seasonal rating) And would add a good deal of dynamics to the league. I also think that brackets should be done based on qualifying times. So if you have 48 times thats 4 brackets of 12 teams. Brackets being decided on average lap times over 10 laps from the 4 primary racers of a team. So the team puts in their 4 racers and get their average 10 lap time, with the top 12 teams being placed into bracket 1 etc etc. This would mean that not including qualifying the brackets would last for 12 weeks (3 months) making a season 3 months, if you then add in a 1 month cooling period (or less if you wish) you could make 3 seasons a year which seems like a reasonable number. Then non-official races that can be set up within the league parameters could allow racers to increase their racer costs by performing well in the race. Summary for the TL:DR - I like your ideas but i would highly recommend including the qualifying times and player costs with team managers. Team managers obviously are allowed to be racers themselves. Soup.
  4. Overall i like the idea, however, in my opinion this could become a lot better if you took 49 times of 4 racers ( 2 primary, 2 reserve the reserve racers are not required and are there only if the team wish to have reserve racers.). At the start the 4 racers from each time do a set 10 laps on a track to get a time for 10 laps, then you get the average time of 10 laps for the team and use that as a qualifier for the bracket of an official race (this qualifying happens for each official race, so every week, qualifying can be done on a seperate day from the actual race) So the idea is the teams get into their divisions and then take part in the race, 7 teams with 2 primary racers in each race in a bracket means 14 racers, leaving room for 1 or 2 race referees. And at the end of the race if Team 1 had both racer 1 and 2 in positions 1 and 2 they would get 7 points for being first and 6 points for being 2nd giving them 13 points for that race, If the race was in bracket 1 they would then get 7 lots of 13 giving them 91 points for that race, And as the brackets go down so does the multiplier, x6 for bracket 2, x5 for bracket 3, etc right down to x1 for bracket 7. This method of organisation allows for minimal officials as you only require 1 judge and 2 referees, however to make the process quicker you could have more than 2 referees so as to run races simultaneously based on brackets and you could also have more than 1 judge to get the 2nd opinion faster. At the end of each season the players would get points based on performance and these points would then increase their cost as a racer. This cost is then applied to them for the next season if a team manager wishes to do transfers and sell his racers to buy others. This adds in a tactical dynamic to the league in that you buy and sell players based upon performance. However, you could add in a cap to make sure that no team's combined player costs exceed a certain limit making sure that all the teams skill bases are closely matched to provide greater results in the league. The manager of the team may also be a racer. And when they buy another racer, if said racer was a free-agent the points go toe the racer, but if the racer was on a team the points go to the team manager the racer is being bought from. Hopefully we can merge our ideas together to make a realistic racing league with many dynamics to the way it is set up and run Soupburger Joe.
  5. I thought of a cool use for a vehicle teleporter where you drive into the water like full pelt down a slope but at the last moment you tele to somewhere else Or the other thing you could do is just build a spiral track down the island with a tele at the bottom taking you back to the top
  6. Haha, i actually really agree with him. Although i can't spell very well anyway so its kind of hypocritical
  7. Errrr so i guess i wasnt put on the squad list then. Nevermind
  8. Just an idea. Although it does rely on people having the good nature to not cheat. If any of you have ever seen the British Red Bull Air Race (usually in london) You will know what i mean You could build a track with a series of gates (place so they obviously follow a route) And then you have a VIP checkpoint at the end, Banshee racing in my mind would be done more as a time trial thing (more viable, or you could do a points thing) it would require a judge to watch footage of the race for each individual racer after too, And you get time/point deductions if you miss a checkpoint (Obviously this only applys for banshee racing tournaments) Just my two scents. MM