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  1. Yeah it's been too long since I last been a part of this community so I thought it was time to come back. Thanks I'll go check it out now!
  2. I'll join up to help out.
  3. New account is made please add the gamertag shown in my profile, thank you

  4. No Gold but i do have a 2 day trial for reserve for a tournament

    1. DemolitionTurtle


      Clever. Keep them for when you need them. My gold runs out in a month.

  5. hey sign me up
  6. If there is still room in the cast i will be happy to sign up to help
  7. i go for both i dont care much about the difference im a mixed gamer i play the games and have fun no matter what anyone says besides its their opinion
  8. hmm old favorites were quake (N64) super mario 64 (N64) pokemon stadium 1 and 2 (N64) legend of zelda ocarina of time and mjoras mask (N64) super smash bros (N64) crazy taxi (dreamcast) duke nukem zero hour (N64) and turok 2 seeds of evil (N64)
  9. i had 2 broken, one regular white xbox which got the RROD then my second one which was the halo 3 xbox couldn't read the disk anymore now i have my 3rd xbox and its customized to never get the red rings
  10. i remember the old N64 quake was the 1st game i ever played those were the good times