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  1. Yeah, just get Modern Warfare 2... The story isnt that complex
  2. No, I'm like 90 percent sure because the jagies are in a perfect pattern.
  3. I cant be hacked. Since my computer had a firewall, and I connect to live directly through my computer, that means my xbox is firewalled too.
  4. I highly doubt you made the character in paint. you cant shadow in paint, and the picture of the dude has jaggies, but nothing else in the pic has jagies, meaning it was probably an internet file.
  5. I made this one a while back, before you made the contest, but here it is.
  6. Here is the sig. I added some greek script. Its a parody of This is the way the world ends. I put on there "This is the way the post ends" in greek. Hope you like it.
  7. I'll make you a halo signature. I just specialize in sports.
  8. I got photoshop cs4 extended for free!
  9. Alright, I'll whip those up. BTW, I made a new sig!
  10. Sure, I'll whip up one. I finally figured out how to make multiple layered sigs and use brushed and c4d's and effects in combo to make a great sig!
  11. LKF, thats because Boss for some reason wanted to reply to this.
  12. I know how to make perfect banked turns, but I'll never tell. I'll go to the grave with it. No, actually with a decreasing number of players in halo, I might as well tell you guys. I'll think about it.
  13. Sh**, thats alot of points. I'm thinking of something to do to thats "different." I'll get you one by the end of the week.
  14. To LKF: NFL, or College?
  15. I am not able to edit posts, and this is especially annoying when I am trying to make sign up lists or trying to correct a bad post. Can someone please fix this.