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  1. Well i'm not surprised meep! i I was very axiously awaiting for a HALOREACH Gametype from ths site to come to matchmaking i even asked The Facebook page of HALOTRACKS.ORG when were they going to make one? Well i hope That TriggerPoop will be able to help you guys out. Also i'm having some problems with my tracks:( T_T they are not uploading onto my online account. Even though this has nothing to do with the subject. Could you please help me out.
  2. Hey, I'm afraid I don't remember you, what account did you have?

  3. Hey Buddy:3^^ Its me Shizuma!! Sorry i haven't been on for a while I have to manny acounts T_T It got so confusing so thats i stopped coming on:(

  4. hewwos whats uppish

  5. Thanks, hey what is your gametag? Maybe you can help me out:3^^ i'd love that ifu would!

  6. helllos, i neeed some assistance on linkng my xbox live account. to this site.