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  1. wow=) finished our football season 6-1... conference champs... 4th time in a row... good luck to those teams who can't beat us next year!

  2. i think..this idea is pretty good. and i would definately go for it. but making it an "official gametype" will be just a bit difficult. but you never know what will happen. alot of ppl will like it and ik that the will. i will. and if you need ppl to test. i will try to make it. ok? well gl with this, and like i said. i like the idea.
  3. is watcing king of the hill

  4. Lifes a game. you gotta play it as you want to.

  5. well, finished Prestore V2, and now to another map!

  6. Halotracks is about HaloTracks.
  7. well.... football season is over in a week=( but o well. i have wrestling next=)

  8. When you get shot you bleed. When you break your bone it hurts.
  9. This is awsome!
  10. well hitting people off of the track is kinda half of the game=p
  11. i like the idea. if you need help i'll join. ok? just ask and i'll get to making maps/testing it for u. ok thanks=) and awsome idea. i would've never thought of that!
  12. quagmire is in the house!XD

  13. but shes hot!
  14. just got back from ND from the pitt game....