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  1. Can you remember anything about the map description for Africa?
  2. Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back.
  3. Accept my steam request so I can gift your pass.

  4. It's a DLC pack.
  5. TAKE STATS. My friends in calc are dying.
  6. Lol how? Pay money, receive game. Put game on ANY computer you want.
  7. Reach has got to be a better game, blops just has more hype. It's pretty bad, I heard.
  8. 2 and 3 had the same link, so here:
  9. Can you upload them somewhere other than pb? Like is a good site.
  10. Cheers bro, but the link in my profile that's supposed to be there isn't. Maybe it's not configured for map makers?

  11. Display name change to SXR Wahrheit, please? No item or option automatically has been configured.

  12. Also various other games not STEAM-able like SC2.
  13. I'll be completely honest. Since school started and Reach came out, life has been HELL. I've had to deal with all of the burdens of being a senior in high school and deal with legal custody battles between my parents. So anyway, aside from that I'm going to be RELAUNCHING HT VENDETTA. WOOT. As described previously, this will now be a league with separate teams and such competing. Now, what makes this better than other squads and such? In addition to the standard prizes of HT points and graphical orgasms, you will also have opportunities to win cash prizes or PC games (redeemable via Steam) in major tournaments. I'm pretty sure everybody loves cash and vidya, so I'm hoping this will be an incentive to join. To kick things off with a bang, I'll be hosting a tournament NEXT Friday, the 19th of November, with an extra grand prize of a guest pass to Day of Defeat: Source that lasts until December something. I can't see the date on it, but I will let you know as soon as I do! I think it should be mid-December, because I got the pass last week. So yeah, start signing up for Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta and get in on the action!
  14. Because you don't put yourselves out there and there's not even a section to show that you're interested. Spread the love and you'll start getting some.