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  1. this is a parody of the forge ViDoc from Halo Reach and it is hilarious.
  2. Needs more ego less purple.
  3. Post a picture of your desktop! Here is mine!
  4. 7/10
  5. I have it for both PC is 10x better/
  6. Nope lol.
  7. Anyone here going to get it? You can pre-buy it on steam right now for like $13.
  8. Yea Lakers 2013!!! Sorry I am biased since I live here in California.
  9. Not pointless to me. Let's discuss how popular I am.
  10. Look at the third post of cassel's about how to be popular! Glad to know that he thinks I'm popular. #ILetmyhatersbemymotivators
  11. I had to make this for school so I said I was going to post it so here it is.
  12. DAT Sunset! Also 1.3 comes out in a couple days!
  13. I agree with yugno on this one. Lag plays way to much of a factor in halo 3. Reach is no where near as bad.
  14. Just went mining for an hour and got 16 diamond 20 gold and 52 iron lol.