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  1. Dude you should post some more.

  2. Dude, Y dont u post no more.

  3. Wow this looks awesome, can't wait till the mythic map pack comes out.
  4. It looks pretty cool. I'll give it a Dl and check it out.
  5. The map was pretty good but could use a little more work in some parts of it. 4/5
  6. It was an ok map but gets boring after a while.
  7. Oh ya the one jump was really fun. The building with all the ramps going up was also really cool.
  8. Very cool tack. 4/5
  9. Headlong was a pretty good map. It would be cool if they did make it.
  10. Looks decent, I'll give it a DL and see.
  11. I will race.
  12. Looks like a pretty cool track.
  13. Looks pretty good for your first track. My first track really stunk.
  14. Looks like a cool map I'll give a DL