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  1. Yellow ladies and Gents, Today I am here to randomly say I am making a Horror game! Initializing my dream to be a game developer, I've learned alot what not to do by just simply following EA, Bungie, Activision, 343I, and Microsoft. Turns out they're good for one thing! That is learning from their mistakes! LOOT CRATES MUST DIE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALSO THE INTERNET IS DEAD THANK TO AJIT PAI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. There's no way to post images here hmm?

    well in simple terms I am looking for anyone at the moment that is interested in joining our development team. We are creating a Horror Game. msg me if your interested.


    Story origins created from Micheal .T

    Story Developer/Lead Project Manager: Nathaniel .S

    Story Narrative Director: (Unknown)

    Lead Music Director: Jose .R

    Lead Programmer: (Unknown)

    Lead Art Design: (Unknown)

    Lead Animator: (Unknown)

    Website Lead Design/Editor: (Unknown)



    Alastair: Michael .T (Status unknown)

    Captain Nolik Syringe: (Unknown)

    Rook Navin: (Unknown)

    Connor Navin: (Unknown)

    Virusia Volkov: Lilia Ebony (Maybe)

    Luca (Lucas) Guarigione: (Unknown)

    Alexandre Arifiser: (Unknown)

    Jacob Copper: (Unknown)

    1. kogaGmente III

      kogaGmente III

      Not really looking for voice actors at the moment in time.

  3. ok I need help really bad, cuase i'm starting to fail to connect to the internet because I can't fix and issues I'm having with my router. So I'm posting this everywhere in the hopes to find a fix. My issues is my Routers keeps refusing connections that I need to be able to access. I was told that my router is blocking the ports to these connects. AKA servers. SO I though oh ok, I'll log into my routers settings and fix that. (I was told that I needed to delete the Port settings that was blocking or refusing the connections) Well when I typed in my IP Default Gateway to get access my router by It wasn't letting my acess it. So I check my CMD to make sure I was using the right IP. However when Defautl Gateway appeared I got like a long stream of letters like a23f:9928:2193j.xxx etc. Well I looked up on Readdit on what to do to get my IP back to normal and a guy suggested I disabled my IPV6 address. Which it worked and my IPV4 appeared normal again. SO I confirmed that the IP I was using was correct.'> So I tried it again thinking I fixed it yet it didn't work, however instead of the failed to connect it gave me this error message: ERROR (Somecode here) Connection Refused. After that I keep getting this: Hmm, we can't reach this page. Try this Make sure you’ve got the right web address: Refresh the page Search for what you want I'm trying to figure out what's wrong? I used to just easily access this now I can't? Can anybody help me? I can make a video of my problem if I must. I should also mention I can't access my internet using a wired connection anymore? IDK what happened.
  4. thanks!
  5. Who else will be pre ordering this!
  6. Hello HT, It's been far to long since I actually posted! I will try visiting more often. Anyway today was a reunion of my clan BLC in a new form called III, members finally decided to come back. Well, We're undergoing training tactics now. And I want to work on vehicles skills, I was wondering what you guys would be considered the Hardest Raceway track on HT (Excluding hardcore tracks involving Explosions n stuff). I'm wanting to know whats the best rated map for fluent but hard racing due to turns and crevices? Anybody got some decent maps? Wanting to do a time record for it in helping inspire my team to get better at vehicle support. I definitely need it to be a challenging map for Halo 5. Also option, best shooting range for vehicles.
  7. All you need to do is watch my youtube video... it will do all the explaining. I have so much gratitude to you HT. Even though I'm not around anymore. I still visit time to time. I will not forget you guys.
  8. well here goes nothing, I'm concerned about what will happen when I monetize my channel, but lets find out. I'll either lose it or gain it!

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_eJgqeyh3c Just watch, video will explain.
  10. Whats on my mind? Why do you ask? hmmm well?....... ༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ That!!!! XD

  11. Well I may have a wayt to get it in, however alot of testing needs done. funk it may take days or even years but theyll considered appearantly
  12. Well if the ydo I really want my map to get submitted. I tried asking on waypoint and iwas told my map have to be popular on fileshare
  13. Hey does anyone know how you can contact 343 to get a map in for registry to be a match making map? I have made one of Halo 5 that works rather well! I really want to see it on Match Making. What are the ways to get it on MM?
  14. Alright cool! Add me on xbox live, my gamer tag is kogaGmente III Please do so by the 20th, that's the final sign up day. Make sure you read the google docs too
  15. Alright cool! Just let me know if you decide to join in. My next tornament is probally going to be on Halo 5 if you want to wait until then. Imma try to do one every year if I can from now on, if not yearly well then at least every 2