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  1. Hey man if its cool with you sign me up Objective.. K/D - 1.55 (Only Search) Level - 3rd 42 (Atm) Headset - Turtle Beach x3
  2. Sign me up, Black Ops is my game.
  3. When do the races start up?
  4. I'm really sorry about that race man, I didn't mean to leave.. My friend came over.. was being annoying and hit my router which disconnected me. I'll be there tonight.
  5. HT Ignition members sign up for the 2nd tournament being held on Sunday at 8:00 Est!

  6. I'm down, Cod is my game.. Not Halo. I only like halo because of racing. Even tho I still have a 50 .
  7. Sign me up!
  8. Make sure you sign up for the first HT Ignition Tournament tonigh. The time has been changed to 9:00 Eastern due to HT Nitro Recruiting Tourney.

  9. HT Ignition Tournaments will hopefully be starting this weekend, once we get the forum up!

  10. Sign me up!
  11. Haha me either.. I forgot your full name after the tournament we were in and I was too lazy to find it .
  12. Thanks for the signups! The forum will be up this week and tournaments starting on the weekend so don't forget to sign up for them .
  13. Haha ya man, we'll see what happens.
  14. Sign up for the possible new squad : HT Ignition! Open to all members.

  15. Haha I've never left a tournament in my entire time on Halotracks. I got made at you once because your tournament was fail. I never rage quit.