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  1. 1st Whitehorse MX 2nd Tsavo Redux 3rd Glaciation
  2. Map Name: Tire and Ice Gamertag: SeanAxxx .mvar: Drive
  3. Last controller I own broke in a tournament, what fun.

    1. Boyd Da Milkman

      Boyd Da Milkman

      Upon thinking about whether I still enjoy this game or not, I may quit Halo for the time being.

    2. RealDealD


      NOOOOOO this cant be!

  4. Don't not sign me up.
  5. Sign me up.
  6. Looking back on it I may have gotten a little upset.
  7. Oh, if you are using Xanthic, re-download it as I improved several elements (most notably the large jump and shortcut placement) today.
  8. It was tons of fun though, I came second and lapped half the people in the race.
  9. Sign me up.
  10. I'd like to ask for extra points on the count that Nuked was sending out electromagnetic pulses in order to kill my Xbox controllers.
  11. Sign me up so I can win the SX again.
  12. I was winning for almost the entire race, then on the last lap Pancake and Darklynx passed me. Same thing happened with Pancake on Iceland.
  13. A win you oh so rudely stole from me. I just wanted to have that one moment, but you had to steal it from me mere seconds away from victory.
  14. Sign me up, I should be able to make it.
  15. That last race was so relaxing. It did't even matter what I did, so I just had fun.
  16. Welcome to the site, hope you have fun here doing fun things that are fun.
  17. I thought the Xbox One came out in 2001... It does look like it's from 2001 though. Not that I'll be getting it, it will be too awkward to bring with me when I go to university.
  18. Sign me up, I'll be bored then.
  19. I plan on being bored then, sign me up.
  20. Glorious Team 9 dream team.

  21. You ready to make one baller racing-track-thing? We gon' do good.

  22. Damn these fill too fast for me! Put me as a backup I guess.
  23. I'm in
  24. ...Hectic hell. Oh dis gun be good.