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  1. Wow forge has got much more complicated since my Reach days. But thank you for the tutorial! Will be checking it out for sure.
  2. Just dropping in, looking good guys and girls! Enjoy the racing!

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      We should be looking even better in a couple months. Great seeing you again, Spencer. Hope you're doing well!

    2. CoookkieMonster
  3. Awesome job! Glad to see HT still pumping out great content!
  4. Still looking great Halotracks!

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Things have been pretty mmk around these parts, indeed. How're you doing?

    2. CoookkieMonster


      Spencer! How's thangs?

  5. Yea this is the order i'm doing them, but I left out Halo Wars
  6. Hey guys I was just wondering if you guys have anything you do in the months leading up to a new Halo game that you will do. For instance, before every Halo game comes out I play all the previous ones in canon order. So I just finished Reach again then I have Halo 1:CE, 2, ODST and 3. Hopefully I will get them done before Halo 4. So what's your thing?
  7. Just barely. It's true, and that's why I have come inside for warmth, where my computer is! lol
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ghsxiSYXhE&feature=player_embedded
  9. I think it loos pretty sweet. I mean come on it has racing stripes on the side how can that not make it so much faster and better. I hope the're different versions of this in the game or make it customizable!
  10. I guess I should have said bye a long time ago. But better late than never, so Bye Halotracks, stay thirsty my friends.

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    2. Le Hefe
    3. Derk921
    4. DemolitionTurtle


      Good bye Spencer, I hope you pop your head in a few times to say hello. Good luck in anything you are going to do in the future, we all wish you the best.

  11. Hey welcome to Halotracks!

  12. While I am not very happy about us moving to a multi-gaming site. I think this does look really slick. I was hoping Halotracks would have a larger area within the website. I hope you are still keeping with your original promise that halotracks.org will always locate to the Halotracks section of TriggerPoop. I am excited for how it will turn out. Halotracks is the fist website I have really spent any time with and I am sad to see it change. But you never know, it may turn out great. I will be waiting to see how I can help kick start this site. I do have some other games that I may start leagues for. What is the plan for redundant leagues? Like there doesn't need to be 2 DiRT leagues but I know some people want to be in charge. What is the protocol there?