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  1. Do you think there will be an optional point system for campaign? Like arcade mode?
  2. My brother preordered this so early yesterday that gamestop didn't have it. He was walking out to his car when the guy ran out of the store and told him they just got it. It was so early that instead of the name on the reciept it's just a bunch of letters and numbers. I had nothing else to say so I just copied and pasted one of my YouTube comments
  3. I remember back in reach when I was a map maker... good times....

  4. I hate my signature, it looks horrible (I made it, everything I make sucks)
  5. You comming back to HT? I see you added me on XBL.

  6. It just says posted image
  7. YAH! What is that!
  8. Most effects is the best because of the effects

  10. Welcome to halotracks