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  1. Hello all, I'm hosting a forging contest in the style of my SX/MX tracks, Aka Huge jumps, cross over jumps, city themed. i usually forge maps in less than 6 Hours, but ill give about 1 week to forge a map in my style. $20 to the winner via paypal, cashapp, or venmo. Ill judge maps and choose the best 6 to take to a lobby and use votes from everyone. anonymously, to determine the winner! Have fun and remember Impact will be your friend. This will be on H4. PC or xbox. Deadline will be December 24th at 11:59 pm PST
  2. 1. Reset 2. Spam Fritter 3 Mt. Lelsuvius
  3. Well, @NukedIceCreamand i have made a proper co-forge 10 years after we met. 

  4. my map done
  5. ill enter if not many people sign up, i can pump out a track in 5 hours or less. id like to judge it with no knowledge of who made it
  6. HOLY MOLY I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WILL COME! im all in on this unless im a judge and im not allowed to enter.
  7. Cam, birth, happy, I think. 

    1. Camonized


      Thanks, drinking, drugs, party, wasted, not really.

  8. most fun i had in a race tournament since i was hammered drunk in a drl tourney
  9. @OrionHardy How cute!
  10. I'd like for member names to link to their profiles in the shoutbox please!
  11. Anyone want to forge a rcetrk wif me?

  12. Soooooo, how was everybodys dayyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  13. #TeamMysticIsBetter