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  1. parody

    lol... I responded on the stream.... but I don't have a clue what you are parodying.
  2. I think the "Import Map" button needs to be blocked until someone pastes a link. I accidentally clicked on Import Map before pasting the link and a new user didn't know he needed to paste the link first too. He thought he needed to click "Import Map" and then you import it. So I had to explain that he needed to paste the link first and then click "import map". So basically... I think blocking the "Import Map" button until someone pastes a link will help out new users :D
  3. I like racetracks and Oreos... might need to combine that sometime.


    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Objective of the track is to be dipped in milk.

    2. OrionHardy


      Have the racers jump over cups of milk, with either triggered or timed Oreos dropping down to block the jump and doom the player.

  4. So I made a tutorial on how to make your wonderful Racetrack a "real" track with checkpoints! It isn't hard at all to do once you get the hang of it. Only took me about 5 min to get my map set up [youtubeHD=QYE0imxc7Mo][/youtubeHD]
  5. How dare you remove my large font... haha
  6. Here is how to make the Race Gametype. Just click the link and scroll down to the "MINIGAMES DESIGN DOCS" section. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/monitor-s-bounty-forge-preview
  7. Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh it is Jeff!!!!!!! FANBOY MOMENT
  8. Also, from me to the other spartan is only about 30% of the maps length
  9. The problem about having detailed blocks is that if you phase them together it looks crappy. I love the simple blocks because you can always put detail in them yourself. Also, there are a bunch of blocks with detail and a bunch that are bland... 2 different areas in the menu
  10. hey I'd post on forge channel but I'm having issues with my account and login, can you check it or me?

  11. There are reasons, but I don't feel like typing it all out...lol... But it is based on proximity. What basically happens is when a player dies is that a temporary "respawn zone" is created around the last checkpoint and whichever respawn points are closer to the checkpoint will have more weight.
  12. I know most of yall know how to make a racetrack in Halo: MCC, but I have been getting a few submissions where the map is broken because they didn't add "respawn points" to the hills. So just want to spread the word
  13. I kinda think things that didn't count toward the budget won't count towards object count... so I wouldn't worry about the spawn, kill boundaries and hills. But on topic about the scripting... I think it will be used for the "activatable" objects or stuff like that. Halo 2 Anniversary maps will have those objects and Max Hoberman said that they possibly will be able to move those object to where we want. So that is what scripting might be... lets hope
  14. Thanks for the feedback and I wish I could have changed that grav landing when you "thread the needle"... but unfortunately you aren't allowed to adjust the grav zones so if i wanted to put a gav zone on the top jump then the bottom one will get the full brunt of the grav area (hope that made sense...lol). Also regarding the split area... I seem to be able to easily make it to the top/shorter portion of the track. All you have to do is take the jump at the top (far right) and you are good. Also since it is shorter I wanted it to be a tad harder to get into But again thanks for the tips and I will be sure to implement them into my next map
  15. Hey guys, I would like to know why my track was pretty much in last on everyone's votes? Every time I race it, the only jump that may have a few issues is the one that goes into the building (and for me that works about 90% of the time). Every other one works every time for me. Also, I'm confused because my Star Wars version of the track was well received and the Cosmos version fixes tons of issues with that track. Thanks for the feedback and hopefully I can resolve some of the issues in the future