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  1. Rock band Everybody in America has played it. millions support it.
  2. lol that was the funniest thing i've seen in along time
  3. lol he is right it is technicaly not a sig.
  4. i like the map it looks like it would be fun. will have to download it.
  5. I know bhayden in person

  6. 9/10 been very helpful and loves anime
  7. and flying pandas
  8. im designing a comic and i need an idea for the story and character names and there will be 6 hero characters. but the rest is up to you guys.your support would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  9. I just wanted to see what you thought about the anime series Ghost In the Shell Stand Alone Complex.I thought it was really good
  10. i would have to go with the xbox360
  11. i like it go for it
  12. I Want to kno which software i should get to create some awesome songs. I would prefer to have one with samples so i can mess around with them.Thanks