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  1. Halo 4s first 26-0 perfection? :)

  2. After 6 months of inactivity, Im back!

    1. DemolitionTurtle


      Welcome back! I don't remember you, but I'm sure I'll get to know you if you stay active!

    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Good to see you again

  3. Can Someone Help Me With C++?

    1. xKiLL ZoNEx

      xKiLL ZoNEx

      There's lots and lots of books out there on this subject. Go check them out. :)

    2. c u l8er

      c u l8er

      Yeah, c++ guides & tuts are all over the internet as well.

  4. shout-out to Smm2010, who understood what happened in the shoutbox and lifted my ban on the shoutbox. srry bout that guys

  5. What is up HT? didya Miss me?

  6. moving this weekend!

  7. thanx man Goldmans combo is awsome
  8. Just Wondering If You guys knew any good free music sites now that limewire is gone
  9. it has been confirmed, im moving in with my cuzin in a few weeks, not months and i will have high-speed so i will pwn you all in everything

  10. canya stick it?
  11. ok first things first im sorry to everyone who was in my tourney, my internet was down but i am giving you your points now

    1. Trickybear21


      Can i have my pts for that? I took 1st. So...10 pts.

  12. map is done and in my fileshare, please download and send me feedback