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  1. I was 9 when H3 came out... but I could still busta can of whoopass on ya
  2. W o w. I really decided to come back at a bad time. Still love you Jeff
  3. Haven't been on here for awhile, what's up guys? I'd like to say I came back completely own my own but I just came back for a college class. I will say this is the first thing that came to mind though.

  4. Cassel is bad is just bad in general. :)
  5. *comes back and checks to distract myself from finals*

    So what's new guys?

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Not too much. We're in limbo right now. Not too many guys forging or racing at the moment. I'm working on a couple "hype" things, though. Gonna try to motivate some peeps if I can. How've you been?

    2. jbpressure66


      Literally pulled 4 all nighters for finals this week because I'm a dumbass and left everything until last minute. 

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Nah, that just means you're a normal college student. lol

  6. Don't give Masta any more power or status than he already has
  7. Probably just gonna lurk around for awhile
  8. Goodbye.
  9. So I guess it's been awhile? Surprised to see the site redone again. Please don't be another (forget the name of that all gaming site) again

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    2. jbpressure66


      TriggerPoop that's what it was. Wasn't that word blocked for awhile lol

    3. jbpressure66


      Ope there it is haha

    4. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Haha, we'll never forget. <3 

  10. It's weird coming back here and seeing who's still on the site and how much the staff has changed.

    1. jbpressure66


      Also, I like to see that the community hasn't changed much

    2. MikeEgan


      It's a little slower but we're still here

    3. Camonized


      Good to have you back man!

  11. Ahem, may I get everyone's attention: Penis. That is all.
  12. I feel like I do this every couple of months...

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    2. jbpressure66


      And nothing's other than the fact I can drive now.

    3. gogetarulez


      Hey dude lol. Grats on your drivers license.

    4. Offrce


      I have a driver's license too :)

  13. Banned for lowering sperm counts.
  14. I didn't get that for a second...
  15. Ahh, that's where I remember the "Elusive" part from I guess I just remembered you as Elusive Rojas lol
  16. Don't worry Purple, we still love you. <3
  17. Oooo I know what I'm gonna do next time I'm in a lobby with you Elusive. By the way what did your old GT used to be?
  18. Well funk, looks like I won't be able to play Kingdom Hearts 3...
  19. Forgot how to add videos for a second lol
  20. I see this thread is still everyone's shit-bucket... Time for me to start contributing again!
  21. I'm back!! So has anything changed since however long ago I was gone?

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    2. jbpressure66


      What you mean by alot. It's gonna be another Triggerpoop thing right?

    3. jbpressure66


      *meant to put 'not' in there

    4. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Lol, oh lawd no!

  22. I'd help but I don't think you'd want the crappy quality that a Dazzle DVC 100 would get. Also it might not even work right now because every time I try to use it recently, it drops 50 frames per second.
  23. Bools to the Wools.
  24. Bools.
  25. HT doesn't say it's my birthday anymore? aww...

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    2. CoookkieMonster
    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      "If an item does not appear in records, it does not exist."-Jocasta Nu

      Happy Womb Emancipation Day!

    4. gogetarulez