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  1. not to get into a middle of a clearly heated arguement, i kinda have to agree with ice a little bit on some points. 1. in the case of htsx and htf1 i feel that these 2 squads are what bring most activity to the site. 2. if theyre maps werent so close to each other in similarity and design then people would get more creative. 3. the death of tournament and skytracks, if you look back to when Halo Reach came out you could clearly see the amount of skytracks that were being pumped out, some good, some not so good, but all in all people had ideas. 4. i feel that the expectations on how racetracks should be constructed has become way to critical, simply because a racetrack dosent have consistent jumps or a consistent elevator doesnt mean its not fun to race on, 5. the other thing i dont really understand is the death or complete devestation to the tournament track section. (like wtf happened) i dont think that there has been a track posted in there in over 4 months. i think that the reason that creativity has gone down the blam!ter is because of the fact that everyone builds sx/mx, ST(which are actually quite creative) or F1 which are flat and frankly pretty boring to reace a lot of laps on. in sumation of the 5 points above i strongly think that people should get off their lazy asses, Use their f-ing brains for a change, and think of something original, whether it may be a new way to make a tournament track or a new way to make skytracks competative( On a side note, if you dont think skytracks are competative then learn how to race correctly then see how competative they are) but something needs to happen with the mindset of the people on this site to make original maps, let me repeat that ORIGINAL MAPS, if i didnt make my self clear enough i hope i did now. all in all i feel that people should think outside the box more i.e. The fuglysticks sx map acheron sx, which changed levels and pitch to make the race more interesting, im not saying completely revolutionize the way we race but just WOW us so that we enjoy racing on it time and time again. and as for u ionized that looks sick and probably will look a lot more realistic then some of the other maps. bc realizm is key.
  2. i think that it should just be simply small snipits from races collected from each of one squads events it doesnt matter which one is best just mash together a bunch of clips and just try to make it flow, use the same amount of clips for each squad to make it even
  3. tht may work
  4. yes and the second thing is how do i make it so its like they r shooting
  5. i dont nessecarily agree with this but i dont think that its completely unnessecary. i agree with TJ though that there should be a real life category and all city, F1, and Nascar tracks should fall under that category
  6. yeah i no but its not really team racing as i kinda described its more or less like the HaloTracks vs Xforgery hump day we had. the actually team portion in the show was this The individual portions were DOA4 and the other 2 were soccer and PGR4 i though i would might make this like the racing portion of it with a twist
  7. why do you post
  8. Ok HT i dont know if any of you have every seen the championship gaming series on tv. but here is the simple idea. there are a group of 8 teams of four people each, there is a person for each game type. ex: V ionized would be the racer for Sx, spencermx would be the racer for terrain, the fuglystick would be the racer for tournament tracks, and after each has raced against the oposing teams racer for each respective track type there would be a 4v4 slayer game on a bungie made map. the winner of each match would advance. the scoring system would be like this Scoring: each race will be 3 laps, the number of checkpoints the leader has over the other racer will achieve that many points for their team. same goes for the slayer match, if your team wins the slayer game by 10 then you will get ten points added to your total score. the point is if i make a tournament like this do you think that people would sign up and do you think it will work. the idea is for this to happen over the course of a week or so. here is an example of the of how the bracket will work in terms of teams. please let me no in the comments below if you would be interested in having a tournament like this
  9. Hey HT i have a little dilema. i have this ok drag race map and i was wondering if someone could help me finish and add some asthetics to the map bc frankly i suck at making asthetics. i will give 50 HT points for anyone who can help me make some asthetics that look something like this picture below: . can anyone help me im free this upcoming monday from 1 pm estern to 5 pm eastern. pm me if you cn help
  10. yes just like that
  11. yes. the whole point is that there needs to be a mix of all styles
  12. yeah i totally agree but wtih the addition of phased objects i feel that hybrids r going to be the more prominent type of skytrack just simply based on the fact that they are simply more competitive. personally i think i would be a great idea to make a track that displays a little bit of everything from sx to tournament to sky and etc.if someone can pull that off i think that the map could be really impressive
  13. sign me up
  14. i wanna do this again it was so much fun