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    Obviously video games, school, writing, music, and I also play the great sport of Rugby competitively for the grand University of Nebraska at Omaha, great fun it is
  1. Gamertag: skins266 Favorite racetrack: ? Looking for a squad to race with? Yes Your greatest forge map or invention: We messed around pretty great on Halo 3/Reach What is your favorite multiplayer map (unforged)? Exile How did you find out about HaloTracks? I was involved heavily in Reach and Halo 4 but stopped a while back Other: I'm excited to get back involved and play some Halo with y'all! Feel free to shoot me an friend request/invite!
  2. Hey all...dunno if anyone remembers me from Reach and 3. But I'm back! Can't wait to play 4 with yall

    1. Treser
    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Welcome back to HT! Lots of exciting things in the works 'round these parts.

  3. I'm excited to see this up and running and how it changes the tourneys and whatnot...thanks!
  4. Gears 3 isn't coming out for a while, I still think they will do the April release date, but maybe the delay till November...either way its a tad ways off. Bulletstorm looks pretty sweet though, does it have a multiplayer?
  5. I am hopefully getting it for Christmas too, but I didn't find 2 boring after a I may not be the best, but I think that there is enough new things to really add to Brotherhood, both with Ezio and that dude, then multiplayer and achievement hunting. I don't think you can go wrong dude
  6. sign me up too
  7. yep, its true
  8. Episode 1 was terrible, I cried for days after it came out. Absolutely crushed me
  9. I am so excited! The trailer is simply amazing, I can't wait for 3. I hope that they don't add a multiplayer because I don't think it will add anything to the game, but if they go in that cash cow direction hopefully they can keep the single player top notch. Bioware can't do wrong in my mind, even with all the delays and such for the new Old Republic game.
  10. downloaded and I'll check it out in a bit and let you know what I think
  11. so like a "burnout" racing type league. Sign me up
  12. I fully participated, and have since trimmed up the beard considerably, I added a pic to me profile
  13. Gamertag: skins266 Favorite racetrack: ooo, probably Crater Moon Looking for a squad to race with? I am in HT Minigames, but I'm open for any Your greatest forge map or invention: Still working on stuff in Reach, but in Halo 3 I was a part of Towers What is your favorite multiplayer map (unforged)? Turf from 2, Narrows/The Pit from 3, and The Cage in Reach (but they all kinda suck) What is your favorite gametype in Halo Reach? Invasion is good if you have got some people to play with What is your highest level & rank in Halo Reach? 22 acording to Halo Charts in TS, and I am a Colonel Is there anything you need help with on HaloTracks? Getting help with my Forging skills, and I do have interest in being a Journo Other: I play the great sport of Rugby, and almost any video game I can get my hands on
  14. Omaha, NE...someone on the first page is from here too, good ole place this is