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  1. I want to work on a track, but I'm 1,067 miles away from my Xbox :c

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      That can complicate things.

    2. wazo52


      Stupid wireless controllers, not working from 1000 miles away. >.<

  2. The salt is real... I missed one question on my Precalc-Honors Final >:c

    1. gogetarulez


      Sucks man, do you get a do-over?

  3. I've noticed Wall Coliseum pieces can cause performance issues when you use 50-60 of them.
  4. I'd like to join c:<
  5. Put my name down!
  6. I'll post a map after I get home from school. Look for it around 4-6 Est

  7. I have two tracks in my File Share, Canyon County is a terrain track and Split Trail is a skytrack. You can find me in the campaign leaderboards if you don't want to add me. Halo 2: Campaign Timing leaderboard, Uprising on Easy, I'll be rank 20 or 21
  8. Creating a track (need help on the banked turns!)

    1. Edwyrd


      Use edit coordinates.

    2. wazo52


      I know I use them alot.

    3. wazo52


      im just not good at banked turns.